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Nome e cognome Jamal El-Chaar

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Web Integrated Manufacturing of Molds and Dies » in dettaglio

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Lightweight inflatable car elements for more efficient vehicles » in dettaglio Virtual platform for design and optimization of compact Heat Exchangers » in dettaglio Design Advanced Platform for High performaNce cooling systEms » in dettaglio Custom, Environment and Comfort made shoe » in dettaglio Development of the process and implementation of the management tools for the extended user oriented » in dettaglio Quality Standard & Global Concept » in dettaglio Research and Design of a SEa - Life - Zip and related manufacturing technology » in dettaglio E!1957, parte 1999 (parte 2000: CTI-4629.1) » in dettaglio Intelligent COMposite PROducts » in dettaglio ManuFuturing - Self-innovative Extended Factory » in dettaglio