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Nome e cognome Roberta Castri

Funzione Dipartimento ambiente costruzioni e design, Ricercatore

Articolo di un giornale scientifico 3 Elementi

Cellina, F., Castri, R., Simão, J.& Granato, P. (2020) Co-creating app-based policy measures for mobility behavior change: A trigger for novel governance practices at the urban level. Sustainable Cities and Society, vol. 53. » in dettaglio Wemyss, D., Cellina, F., Lobsiger-Kaegi, E., De Luca, V.& Castri, R. (2019) Does it last? Long-term impacts of an app-based behavior change intervention on household electricity savings in Switzerland. Energy Research & Social Science, vol. 47 pp.16-27. » in dettaglio Wemyss, D., Castri, R., Cellina, F., De Luca, V., Lobsiger-Kaegi, E.& Carabias-Hutter, V. (2018) Examining community-level collaborative vs. competitive approaches to enhance household electricity-saving behavior. Energy Efficiency. » in dettaglio

Articolo di un giornale/rivista 2 Elementi

Castri, R. (2021) S2HOES: passi avanti per una mobilità casa-scuola ancora più sostenibile. TuttoGreen, 1-11-2021. » in dettaglio Castri, R. (2020) Bambini sicuri da casa ai banchi. Tecnologie smart per una mobilità sostenibile e attiva in tre scuole elementari. Rivista del Mendrisiotto, 1-12-2020. » in dettaglio

Articolo in documento di una conferenza 14 Elementi

Cellina, F., Carabias-Hutter, V., Castri, R., De Luca, V., Granato, P., Kienast, P., Lobsiger-Kägi, E.& Wemyss, D. (2021) Social Power Plus: Empowering Households to Energy Sufficiency through Co-designed App-based Community Energy Challenges. In Conference proceedings BEHAVE 2020-2021 the 6th European Conference on Behaviour Change for Energy Efficiency, pp.89-92. » in dettaglio Mobiglia, M., Cellina, F.& Castri, R. (2019) Sustainability Assessment in Architectural Competitions in Switzerland. In Transition toward a net zero carbon built environment, pp.1-9. » in dettaglio De Luca, V., Cellina, F., Wemyss, D., Castri, R., Lobsiger-Kägi, E.& Carabias, V. (2018) Social Power App: Encouraging energy saving behaviour through play, learning and social interaction. » in dettaglio Cellina, F., Castri, R.& Simão, J. (2018) Lessons from a mobility smart city living lab triggering new governance practices at the urban level. » in dettaglio Mobiglia, M., Cellina, F.& Castri, R. (2018) Sustainability assessment of achtitectural competitions. In Forschen für den Bau im Kontext von Energie und Umwelt, pp.447-454. » in dettaglio Tomic, U., Carabias-Hutter, V., Kuehn, T., Cellina, F., Castri, R., Kovacs, N., Citherlet, S., Eicher, S., Padey, P., Burger, B.& Bichsel, J. (2018) How to improve energy billing information to induce energy savings? Insights from Switzerland. In BEHAVE 2018 Book of Abstracts - 5th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency Zurich, pp.334-335. » in dettaglio Padey, P., Citherlet, S., Eicher, S., Cellina, F., Castri, R., Tomic, U., Kunz, D., Carabias-Hutter, V.& Bichsel, J. (2018) IMPROVE - Unfolding next generation demand-side information (DSI) models. In Proceedings of the Brenet - 20. Status-Seminar «Forschen für den Bau im Kontext von Energie und Umwelt», pp.260-274. » in dettaglio Cellina, F., Castri, R., Diethart, M., Höflehner, T., Da Schio, N.& Dijk, M. (2018) Constraints on upscaling and social inclusion in smart city living lab experiments and ways to anticipate them: lessons from four “smarter” labs.. In Open Living Lab Days 2018 Research and Innovation Conference Proceedings 2018. ISBN (e-book): 9789082102789, pp.11-25. » in dettaglio Cellina, F., Rudel, R., Kovacs, N., Castri, R.& Granato, P. (2017) Bellidea - A living lab to co‐design a smartphone app promoting sustainable individual mobility patterns. » in dettaglio Wemyss, D., Moser, C., Castri, R., Kovacs, N., Carabias, V.& Lobsiger-Kägi, E. (2017) Reaching the finish line: Analysis of the differences between active participants and drop-outs in a behaviour change intervention. » in dettaglio Wemyss, D., Castri, R., De Luca, V., Cellina, F., Frick, V., Lobsiger-Kägi, E., Galbani (-Bianchi), P., Hertach, C., Kuhen, T.& Carabias, V. (2016) Keeping up with the Joneses: examining community-level collaborative and competitive game mechanics to enhance household electricity-saving behaviour. » in dettaglio Castri, R., Wemyss, D., Cellina, F., De Luca, V., Frick, V., Lobsiger-Kaegi, E., Galbani Bianchi, P.& Carabias, V. (2016) Triggering Electricity-Saving Through Smart Meters: Play, Learn And Interact Using Gamification And Social Comparison. In Proceedings of the 1st ever Energy-Feedback Symposium - Teddinet. » in dettaglio De Luca, V.& Castri, R. (2014) Social Power Game: A smart application for sharing energy-saving behaviours in the city., The. In Proceedings of the AVI 2014 International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces. » in dettaglio Castri, R., De Luca, V., Lobsiger-Kägi, E., Moser, C.& Carabias, V. (2014) Favouring behavioural change of households’ energy consumption through social media and cooperative play. » in dettaglio

Presentazione ad una conferenza 2 Elementi

Cellina, F., Castri, R.& Simão, J.Co-designing a persuasive app promoting a less car-dependant community - Introducing the Bellidea living lab. , Swiss Political Science Association (SPSA) Annual Conference 2019 & Dreilaendertagung, 15-2-2019, Zurich, Switzerland. » in dettaglio Castri, R.Single-family house owners’ perception, experiences and behavioural barriers in retrofitting their home. A case study from Ticino, southern Switzerland.. , 3rd International Sustainability Conference, 29-8-2012, Basel, Switzerland. » in dettaglio

Report 2 Elementi

Wemyss, D., Castri, R., Cellina, F., De Luca, V., Lobsiger-Kägi, E.& Carabias, V. (2015) Playing together to save electricity: comparing approaches with the Social Power mobile app. Monthly bulletin of the IEEE Computer Society Special Technical Community on Sustainable Computing, Volume 5, Issue 1. » in dettaglio Mustacchi, C., Astolfi, A., Bernasconi Pedrolini, M., Bernegger, G., Castri, S., Figini, L., Leoni, C., Meile, J., Morici, L., Vitale, M.& Wulf, H.-H. (2014) SPASS: Sinergie fra Pratiche Artistiche e Spostamenti Sostenibili - Rapporto di ricerca SUPSI . Supsi. » in dettaglio

Progetti di cui è responsabile

Safe and Sustainable HOmE School mobility. - A preliminary study » in dettaglio IMPROVE - Unfolding next generation demand-side information (DSI) models » in dettaglio E-Detective. Il caso dell'energia scomparsa » in dettaglio

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WeCommute - Dinamiche di gruppo e approcci ludici per una mobilità aziendale più sostenibile - Una sperimentazione presso la RSI » in dettaglio Sistema 4R » in dettaglio TAC - Tecnologie Ambiente Competenze » in dettaglio Collaborative Recommendations, Visualisation and Adaptive Control for Personalised Energy Saving » in dettaglio SmarterLabs » in dettaglio Social Power Project » in dettaglio Handle energy. Eco-feedback Pilot Project » in dettaglio