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Nome e cognome Davide Montorfano

Funzione Dipartimento tecnologie innovative, Docente-ricercatore senior


Ufficio Polo universitario Lugano, Campus Est, Viganello - B5.12 – LO-50.098
Polo universitario Lugano, Campus Est, Via la Santa 1, 6962 Lugano-Viganello

Telefono interno +41586666632


Articolo di un giornale scientifico 3 Elementi

Zavattoni, S., Montorfano, D., Good, P., Ambrosetti, G.& Barbato, M. (2022) Numerical performance evaluation of the Synhelion absorbing gas solar receiver under different operating conditions. AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 2445 (110017). » in dettaglio Zavattoni, S., Gaetano, A., Montorfano, D., Barbato, M., Ambrosetti, G.& Pedretti, A. (2014) Novel CSP Receiver Based on Airlight Energy Technology - Optimization of the Thermal Insulation System by Means of CFD Analysis, A. Energy Procedia, vol. 49 pp.589-598. » in dettaglio Amaro, W., Diviani, L., Montorfano, D., Oberrauch, E., Depinto, G., Segalini, S., Levi, M.& Turri, S. (2004) Controlling the shrinkage of polymers for customized shoe sole manufacturing. International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, vol. 17 (7) pp.633-644. » in dettaglio

Articolo in documento di una conferenza 3 Elementi

Zavattoni, S., Montorfano, D., Good, P., Ambrosetti, G.& Barbato, M. (2020) synhelion absorbing gas solar receiver for 1'500 °C process heat: CFD modeling, The. In AIP Conference Proceedings 2303, pp.30037-1. » in dettaglio Matarrese, P., Gaetano, A., Airaghi, S., Montorfano, D., Barbato, M., Ambrosetti, G.& Pedretti, A. (2014) Performance analysis of a novel air-based cavity receiver., pp.438-446. » in dettaglio Oberrauch, E., Barbato, M., Diviani, L., Jorio, E., Montorfano, D., Cimadoro, A.& Poles, S. (2008) Unconventional approaches to metamodels generation. » in dettaglio

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