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Nome e cognome Vasco Medici

Dipartimento/Scuola/Unità Settore sistemi energetici
Dipartimento tecnologie innovative


Ufficio Trevano - Blocco B
Via Trevano, 6952 Canobbio

Telefono interno +41586666356


Articolo di un giornale scientifico 5 Elementi

Sossan, F., Nespoli, L., Medici, V.& Paolone, M. (2018) Unsupervised Disaggregation of PhotoVoltaic Production from Composite Power Flow Measurements of Heterogeneous Prosumers. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. » in dettaglio Medici, V., Salani, M., Nespoli, L., Giusti, A., Derboni, M., Vermes, N., Rizzoli, A.& Rivola, D. (2017) Evaluation Of The Potential Of Electric Storage Using Decentralized Demand Side Management Algorithms. Energy Procedia (2016) Volume 91, vol. 135 pp.203-209. » in dettaglio Nespoli, L.& Medici, V. (2017) unsupervised method for estimating the global horizontal irradiance from photovoltaic power measurements, An. Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, vol. 158 pp.701-710. » in dettaglio Nespoli, L., Giusti, A., Vermes, N., Derboni, M., Rizzoli, A., Gambardella, L.& Medici, V. (2016) Distributed demand side management using electric boilers. Computer Science - Research and Development pp.1-13. » in dettaglio Medici, V., Rivola, D.& Rudel, R. (2014) Inferring power fluctuations at a low voltage transformer from local voltage measurements in the underlying distribution grid. Computer Science-Research and Development, vol. 31 (1) pp.73-77. » in dettaglio

Articolo in documento di una conferenza 14 Elementi

Beloin-Saint-Pierre, D., Padey, P., Périsset, B.& Medici, V. (2019) Considering the dynamics of electricity demand and production for the environmental benchmark of Swiss residential buildings that exclusively use electricity. » in dettaglio Nespoli, L., Medici, V., Lopatichki, K.& Sossan, F. (2019) Hierarchical Demand Forecasting Benchmark for the Distribution Grid. » in dettaglio Nespoli, L.& Medici, V. (2018) Constrained hierarchical networked optimization for energy markets., pp.1-6. » in dettaglio Nespoli, L., Salani, M.& Medici, V. (2018) rational decentralized generalized Nash equilibrium seeking for energy markets, A., pp.1-6. » in dettaglio Strepparava, D., Nespoli, L., Medici, V., Corbellini, G.& Rivola, D. (2018) OpTIStore: An Exhaustive Tool For The Optimal Design And Sizing Of Combined PV-Storage Systems In Industrial Buildings. » in dettaglio Medici, V., Salani, M., Nespoli, L., Giusti, A., Derboni, M., Vermes, N., Rizzoli, A.& Rivola, D. (2017) Evaluation Of The Potential Of Electric Storage Using Decentralized Demand Side Management Algorithms., pp.203-209. » in dettaglio Polo Lopez, C., Bonomo, P., Frontini, F., Medici, V.& Nespoli, L. (2017) Performance assessment of a BIPV Roofing Tile in outdoor testing., pp.2118-2123. » in dettaglio Dozio, G., Rivero, A., Bernaschina, A., Rivola, D., Medici, V.& Montu, G. (2015) HAC: Hardware design for a Smart-Home and Smart-Grid decentralised load management system. In Industrial Electronics (ISIE), pp.699-704. » in dettaglio Frontini, F., Bouziri, S., Corbellini, G.& Medici, V. (2015) S.M.O Solution: An Innovative Design Approach to Optimize the Output of BIPV Systems Located in Dense Urban Environments. » in dettaglio Marzoli, M., Medici, V., Corbellini, G., Caccivio, M.& Friesen, G. (2015) Field Performance Assessment and Comparison of Mono & Bifacial PV Modules. » in dettaglio Nespoli, L., Medici, V.& Rudel, R. (2015) Grey-box system identification of building thermal dynamics using only smart meter and air temperature data. » in dettaglio Baggi, S., Rivola, D., Medici, V., Corbellini, G., Strepparava, D.& Rudel, R. (2014) Modeling and Simulation of a Residential Neighborhood with Photovoltaic Systems Coupled to Energy Storage Systems. » in dettaglio Rivola, D., Giusti, A., Medici, V., Salani, M., Rizzoli, A., Rudel, R.& Gambardella, L. (2014) Swiss2Grid Project - Evaluation of a Decentralized Household Load Management System with Limited Communication Requirements, The. » in dettaglio Rivola, D., Medici, V., Giusti, A.& Rudel, R. (2014) Residential Smart Grid Facility for Testing and Evaluation of Decentralized Load Management Strategies, A. » in dettaglio

Presentazione ad una conferenza 1 Elemento

Rosato, F., Medici, V.& Rudel, R.Krangpower: a smart grid simulation package. , SCCER-FURIES 2018 Annual Conference, 22-10-2018, Lausanne. » in dettaglio

Progetti di cui è responsabile

SCCER Mobility - Digitalization » in dettaglio Ecobilan dynamique des Bâtiments » in dettaglio Multi-Level Demand Response » in dettaglio NemoGrid » in dettaglio RE Demonstrator SCCER FURIES » in dettaglio Furies » in dettaglio

Progetti di cui è membro

Optimization of infrastructures for the transition to Electric and Connected Autonomous Vehicles » in dettaglio Lugaggia Innovation Community » in dettaglio OptiStore » in dettaglio DESIGNPV » in dettaglio ReFlex - Replicability Concept for Flexible Smart Grids » in dettaglio