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Nome e cognome Nikolett Kovacs

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Cellina, F., Derboni, M., Kovacs, N., Rizzoli, A.& Cartolano, F. (2020) Integrating public transport and car-pooling services: Evidence from a field test in Switzerland.. In Proceedings of TRA2020, the 8th Transport Research Arena. » in dettaglio Tomic, U., Carabias-Hutter, V., Kuehn, T., Cellina, F., Castri, R., Kovacs, N., Citherlet, S., Eicher, S., Padey, P., Burger, B.& Bichsel, J. (2018) How to improve energy billing information to induce energy savings? Insights from Switzerland. In BEHAVE 2018 Book of Abstracts - 5th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency Zurich, pp.334-335. » in dettaglio Derboni, M., Rizzoli, A., Montemanni, R., Jamal, J., Kovacs, N.& Cellina, F. (2018) Challenges and opportunities in deploying a mobility platform integrating public transport and car-pooling services. » in dettaglio Cellina, F., Rudel, R., Kovacs, N., Castri, R.& Granato, P. (2017) Bellidea - A living lab to co‐design a smartphone app promoting sustainable individual mobility patterns. » in dettaglio Wemyss, D., Moser, C., Castri, R., Kovacs, N., Carabias, V.& Lobsiger-Kägi, E. (2017) Reaching the finish line: Analysis of the differences between active participants and drop-outs in a behaviour change intervention. » in dettaglio Cellina, F., De Luca, V., Kovacs, N., Rizzoli, A., Rudel, R., Bucher, D., Weiser, P.& Raubal, M. (2015) GoEco! A smartphone application leveraging eco-feedback and gamification techniques to nudge sustainable personal mobility styles. » in dettaglio

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Cellina, F., Kovacs, N., Rudel, R., Raubal, M., Boulouchos, K., Hirschberg, S.& Hoppe, M. (2017) Towards an Energy Efficient and Climate Compatible Future Swiss Transportation System. Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research - Mobility. » in dettaglio

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Studio sull’applicazione concreta del criterio di aggiudicazione della CSR nella LCPubb » in dettaglio Social Power Project » in dettaglio Gestione Picchi di Traffico - Gestire i picchi nella domanda di trasporto mediante misure di mobilit » in dettaglio GoEco! A community based eco-feedback approach to promote sustainable personal mobility styles » in dettaglio Swiss Competence Centre for Energy Research - Mobility » in dettaglio