• Department/School
  • Accademia Teatro Dimitri
  • Head of course
  • Corinna Vitale
  • Qualification awarded
  • Bachelor of Arts SUPSI in Theatre
  • Course type
  • Full-time course (180 ECTS over three years)
  • Language
  • Italian
  • Application fee
  • The enrolment fee for the preliminary exams amounts to CHF /Euro 50. Preliminary exams take place between March 4 and 25 in Milan, Stuttgart, Bern, Paris, Berlin and Verscio. Students selected will be notified if admitted to the subsequent admission examination. A fee of CHF 200 must be paid when submitting an admission application. This fee is not reimbursable, and cannot be deducted from the semester fee.
  • Course fee
  • The semester fee amounts to CHF 1'000. Contributions to didactic costs: CHF 1'650 per semester.
  • Centre
  • Verscio
  • Start date
  • 14 September 2020
  • Application deadline
  • 6 May 2020
  • Description
  • During the three-year bachelor course students learn various techniques from theatre, dance and circus art. Based on the various disciplines students gain a wide spectrum for theatrical expression and creativity. Internal showings, in order to be confronted with an audience, are part of the training. Larger scale productions are incorporated into the Dimitri Theatre program and presented in other European countries.


The goal of the three-year Bachelor program is to train versatile actors, equipped with a wide range of technical knowledge, able to establish themselves in the world of theater thanks to the development of a language and a style all their own.



  • to develop the creative ability to perform in a distinctly physical style
  • to apply a range of established and contemporary performance techniques and devising methods to a professional standard


  • to analyze dramatic structures and to reflect them critically
  • to acquire and apply specific knowledge about a range of theatrical terms, concepts and current aesthetic issues


  • to apply the appropriate choreographic as well as dramaturgical tools productively to specific contexts
  • to generate solutions in rehearsal and performance
  • to adopt diverse production processes and performance requirements specific to different genres of the performing arts
  • to enhance the courage to take artistic risks and make personal choices


  • to work productively in a team, serving ensemble work with individual skills and creative input
  • to present ideas, concepts and plans in a lucid and persuasive manner
  • to increase intro- and "extra-" spection, self-reflection, as well as self-criticism as a practitioner

Admission requirements

Admission to the Bachelor program is subject to the following requirements being met: age between 18 and 26 years old, a school-leaving certificate (high school or professional high school) or an equivalent diploma, and/or pronounced artistic talent.
Applicants to the BA program at Accademia Teatro Dimitri must first pass a preliminary exam which is held in various cities in Switzerland and Europe. It consists of a 4 hour work session covering two lessons, one in contemporary dance and one in theatre improvisation. The following aspects are evaluated: physical presence and capability, pleasure in play. Students selected will be notified by April 14th if admitted to the subsequent admission examination.

Career prospects

Students of ATD become theatre artists working in various fields of the performing arts. They are engaged in ensembles, create their own  company, work in the field of pedagogy or specialise in a specific discipline of the performing arts (MA or other).