Upper Secondary Education

  • Department/School
  • Department of Education and Learning
  • Head of course
  • Sonia Castro Mallamaci
  • Qualification awarded
  • Diploma in Upper Secondary Education
  • Course type
  • Part-time course (60 ECTS over one year)
  • Admission
  • Since there is only a limited number of available places, admission to the course is regulated by a procedure.
  • Language
  • Italian. Some lessons may be conducted in German, French or English.
  • Application fee
  • A CHF 200 fee must be paid when the application is made. This fee is not reimbursable, and cannot be deducted from the semester fee.
  • Course fee
  • The semester fee amounts to CHF 1,600. This sum is reduced to CHF 800 for students who benefit from the application of the ASUP Intercantonal Agreement for Vocational Universities (Swiss nationality or civil and fiscal domicile in Switzerland or in Liechtenstein). Contribution to didactic costs: CHF 80.
  • Centre
  • Locarno
  • Start date
  • 28 August 2023
  • Application deadline
  • 17 February 2023
  • Description
  • A profession at the service of the cultural development of the citizen. Starting from the consideration that the school is a place of cultural and social formation, the teaching profession requires not only a solid teaching and pedagogical preparation, but also an open and curious look towards the future, since it places the teacher in constant contact with the new generations, with the challenges and needs that their development entails. The training prepares the teacher for teaching in secondary school. The regulatory duration of studies is one year Part-time. The curriculum listed above is not proposed every year for each subject.


The training finds its centre in the interaction between professional practice, theoretical modules and research in education and aims at building a solid preparation based on the acquisition and progressive mastery of a basic educational and didactic instrumentation. It will of course have to be constantly improved and updated through continuous training, according to a model of continuous updating required by rapid changes on the socio-economic and cultural level.


The school is the place of learning in the broadest sense of the word, not just of knowledge in the strictest sense. The reference content is the set of knowledge that represents the cultural foundation of society. The professional figure of the teacher therefore requires skills that span multiple dimensions, consequently the skills he or she must have at his or her disposal touch on very wide fields: they range from skills of a socio-relational nature that favour the setting up of a fruitful relationship with the students in order to facilitate their learning process, to skills of a professional nature that concern the relationship between knowledge and its didactic transposition.

Admission requirements

For admission requirements please refer to the page "Admission requirements and procedure" (in Italian).

Career prospects

The title entitles the teacher to teach in high school (secondary schools).