Sickness and accident insurance for students

Every person domiciled/resident in Switzerland is obliged to take out health insurance within three months of entering Switzerland. Compulsory health insurance covers the costs of treatment in the event of sickness or accident. This obligation applies also to students who reside in Ticino for study purposes, namely within 3 months they have to choose an insurance company of their choice.

During the application procedure for a permit to study in Ticino, students will receive a request from the competent Swiss authorities to register with a health insurance company. However, it is the student's responsibility to act proactively in order to regulate his or her position with regard to insurance issues within the prescribed time limits.
If the deadlines are not met, the respective authorities will assign an insurer at their discretion. The benefits of compulsory health insurance are the same for all insurers and, in some cases, special packages are offered for foreign students.

All aspects of the insurance are the responsibility of the student; SUPSI does not assume any responsibility for any negligence and non-observance of the terms provided for by law on the part of the student.

Exemption request

Students insured abroad who have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are not subject to the insurance obligation in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law on Compulsory Health Care (Art. 2 para. 1 lit. G. OAMal - Ordinance on Compulsory Health Care) or who, upon request, have been exempted because they have equivalent insurance cover for treatment in Switzerland (Art. 2 para. 4 OAMal), generally of unlimited coverage.

Students wishing to apply for exemption must contact the Social Insurance Institute (IAS) in Bellinzona, and complete one of the following forms and send it, along with the attachments required in the document necessary or verification, to the IAS:

Foreign students who cannot take advantage of these exceptions must, however, make sure that the payment of premiums and contributions for the costs of compulsory health care insurance under LAMal is met entirely with their own financial means, under penalty of non-issuance, revocation or refusal of renewal of the residence permit (B or L). In this regard, we would like to point out that the regulations governing admission to Switzerland for stays as part of training or further education make the issue and renewal of the permit (B or L) subject to confirmation - by means of a declaration to that effect - that the necessary financial resources exist, not only to attend courses but also to meet one's own needs (see Art. 27 Lstr and 23 OASA).

In the point described above, the application for the reduction of premiums in the compulsory sickness insurance is, according to the legislation on immigration, a lack of financial means which then leads to the non-release of the residence permit, its revocation or refusal to renew by the competent cantonal authority.

For these students, it is possible to take out through SUPSI an ad hoc insurance with the company Groupe Mutuel - Academic Care.

Academic Care

In order to provide its students with adequate insurance cover at an affordable price, SUPSI has taken out an extremely convenient group insurance policy with the company Groupe Mutuel, called "Academic Care", aimed at students who do not have insurance from their country equivalent to that of Switzerland and who must therefore be insured in Switzerland.
This offer covers the following reasons: any illness, accident, maternity and health care, compulsory benefits required under the Federal Act on the obligation to possess Health Insurance.

Special terms and conditions
This offer is only valid for non-Bachelor and Master students admitted to one of the SUPSI programs, provided they do not exceed 40 years of age and who have obtained a residence permit in Switzerland for study purposes.
The monthly premium for students from 18 to 25 years is CHF 105.00, while for those who are between the age of 26 to 40 years, the monthly premium is CHF 145.00.
For everyone, the annual deductible is CHF 100.00.
Participation is possible by filling in the form indicated alongside (Academic Care Health Insurance Form.xls). In order to participate, it is necessary to present the residence permit type B/L to study or the declaration issued by the Migration Office certifying that the application for the issuance of the permit is pending.

Invoicing will be done by SUPSI and the insured party will receive at the beginning of the semester the invoice that will cover 6 months of insurance. The payment term of invoices is 30 days from the date of issue. No payment in instalments is allowed. Please note that in case of default with the payment of the Academic Care invoices, SUPSI will not issue the certificates of attendance and the Transcript of Records.

Process of enrolment
All newcomers interested in this insurance and who have already verified the equivalence of their insurance with that of Switzerland, must register at, sending the three forms indicated alongside, duly completed.

Students resident abroad during their studies

Students who maintain their residence in their country of origin and who return to their home country daily in the evening, are not obliged to take out insurance in Switzerland, but have to inform themselves regarding the rules in force in their country for health issues during their studies in Switzerland. In the event of an emergency, such students may receive treatment in Switzerland, but must then, if they are unable to pay the necessary deposit or if they are not sufficiently covered in their country of origin, return home to undergo further treatment.

Insurance during educational activities in Switzerland

For educational activities outside of SUPSI premises (professional training, study trips, etc.), please check any arrangements for your insurance situation with the degree course / departmental secretariats.
SUPSI has an insurance that covers third party liability of the students in case of physical or material damages to third parties occurring during the time of work/study outside SUPSI.