Study Modes

SUPSI offers training courses with different attendance methods, which are inspired by the principles and values of the university. Specifically: practicality, originality and innovation.

Full time (FT)

As a general rule, full-time study includes attendance over the entire week from September to June (in exceptional cases, courses can begin before the official start of the academic year). The total duration is three years for Bachelor's degrees and two years for Master's degrees.

Students enrolled in this method of study have the opportunity to confront themselves with the world of work through internships, company projects, ateliers and workshops. It provides an excellent opportunity to get to know interesting companies and institutions in order to make the first useful contacts for a future career.

Parallel to professional activity (PPA)

This attendance model is aimed at students who practice a profession in a similar field of study chosen, with an employment rate corresponding to at least 50%.
Those who attend courses in this way have the opportunity to transfer the knowledge learned during training into their daily work.
Within SUPSI, the PPA study modality is offered only by some Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes; it is implemented in relation to their specific educational and organisational needs, subject to strict admission conditions.

Part-time (PT)

This frequency model is designed for those who have particular family, sports, artistic, public and military commitments. In addition, this mode is also suitable for students who need to maintain their professional commitments in areas not necessarily related to the chosen degree course, thanks to a personalized training plan. The latter makes it possible to reconcile study and student availability. The course duration can vary from four to six years.
Within SUPSI, part-time study is offered by some Bachelor's and Master's degrees; it is implemented according to their specific educational and organisational needs, subject to strict admission conditions.

In some cases, the blended learning method is also integrated, a flexible type of attendance that combines classroom lessons, distance learning and individual study. A practical example of blended-learning courses can be found in the range of our affiliated School Fernfachhochschule Schweiz.


Departments and affiliated Schools may decide to accept unregistered students to one or more courses/modules. The unregistered student does not receive certifications that are expendable for the achievement of academic qualifications.
The semester fee for unregistered students amounts to CHF 150.- per course or activity, in addition to any costs.

For more information, please consult the information relating to the various degree courses.