Military Service
Recruitment school lasts for 18 or 21 weeks and those who decide against completing it before beginning their studies can divide it up into portions, without interrupting their studies.

Recruitment School Deferral

With regard to recruitment school deferral, note that:

  • The first part of the Recruitment School lasts for 13 weeks and can be completed from week 27 to week 39 inclusive.
  • In order not to miss the first two weeks of courses (38 and 39), recruits must ask their commanding officers for two weeks holiday.
  • The second part of the recruitment school must be completed during the summer break of the following year, therefore from week 24.

Application for Deferral

Applications for deferral must be given to the Department for the required approval at least 14 weeks before beginning military service. Please use the attached form.

Deferral form PDF (in Italian)

Portion form PDF (in Italian)

The procedures are valid at federal level.

Useful addresses

Sezione del militare e della protezione della popolazione
Residenza governativa
6500 Bellinzona

Tel. 091 814 33 21
Fax 091 814 44 77
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For more information

Informazioni generali sul servizio militare (in Italian)