Why study at SUPSI?
Conduct courses with the specific objective of providing students with the knowledge and expertise required in order to find appropriate employment without delay.

Ensure that students acquire specialist, methodological, social and personal skills that allow them to subsequently pursue career paths in line with their potential and their expectations.

Provide continuing education opportunities for those who wish to pursue their education further in Switzerland or abroad.

These are some of the fundamental principles on which SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland) courses are based, and which are intended to assist you in the important choices you are about to make.

Drawing their inspiration from our guiding values of solidity, originality, multidisciplinarity, partnership, innovation, territoriality and internationality, our Bachelor, Diploma and Master’s courses have been designed to combine the traditional theoretical-scientific approach with a vocational focus.

Students are therefore asked to address situations and problems in contexts and in ways similar to those that they will later face in the workplace, in direct contact with the teaching body, which consists of lecturer-researchers and professional operators who work outside the university.

In order to meet the growing demand for a feasible work/study solution, when possible, courses are also conducted in parallel with professional working activity.