Start-up Promotion Centre
Start-up Promotion Centre
The Start-up Promotion Center is a service promoted by the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI) in order to assist Swiss and foreign graduates who plan to start a company in Canton Ticino.

In order to do this, the Start-up Promotion Center:

  • Serves as a focus for what already exists in Ticino to promote innovative entrepreneurial projects started by young graduates;
  • Brings out and exploits the training, technical and management expertise there is in Ticino and, most of all, in USI and SUPSI;
  • Uses a network of Expertise Centers which are able to provide potential new entrepreneurs with the answers to the technical, management, legal, administrative and financial questions involved in starting a new company.
  • The StartCup Ticino was an initiative of the Start-up Promotion Center.