Counselling and psychological support service
Counselling and psychological support service
SUPSI provides students and staff with a counselling service where they can turn to in periods of personal, interpersonal, emotional and relational difficulties related to the university and/or the professional field.

The service is set up as a place of welcome and listening, free from judgement and with the guarantee of absolute discretion.

The service offers a short consultation free of charge, from one to three meetings, in a reserved and dedicated space, aimed at sharing a person's problematic situation with a contact person. If the specific case requires it, possible methods and resources will be sought in the area that are most suitable for continuing the path of assistance.



To whom it is aimed

To all SUPSI students who need help, dialogue, advice or who are going through moments of particular criticality, suffering or conflict.
The access to the service is also guaranteed to the academic and administrative body for problems emerging from working with students who show dimensions of distress, but also for aspects of personal suffering or difficulties on an interpersonal level.

What it offers

The service offers a space and a listening time to talk to a specialist in relation to a personal situation. Those who turn to this service will find:

  • Professional help for situations of unease and personal and/or relational difficulties that are being experienced and that hinder the achievement of educational and/or work objectives;
  • Listening and support with respect to crucial moments linked to one's own path, relationships or aspects that are interfering with personal planning and with one's own skills;
  • Advice and help to identify, in crisis situations, the elements generating the distress, evaluating adequate management strategies or identifying targeted solutions to overcome them (in this case with an orientation towards local partners who can develop such a solution);
  • An evaluation and orientation aimed at situations of acute anguish and severe suffering.

Contact persons

The service is managed by the Applied Psychology Competence Centre (APC) of the Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care (DEASS) of SUPSI.
Requests will be accepted by a dedicated secretariat which guarantees complete confidentiality and organises the meeting with the specialist.


Access to the service

The service is organized in such a way as to guarantee respect for privacy and maximum confidentiality.
By appointment only (for contact information see opposite).


Interviews are held in a dedicated study which, as of April 2019, can be found at the following address:

Listening and psychological support service
Stable Piazzetta
Via Violino 11
6928 Manno

The service is free of charge (for up to three sessions the costs are fully borne by SUPSI).

Who we work with

The Applied Psychology Competence Centre (APC) collaborates with the Associazione Ticinese Psychologists (ATP) for the regional network of specialists to refer to in case of need for screening and assessment of the need for a structured approach, and with the Cantonal Integration Office to which it refers for specific situations in this field.