The President of SUPSI’s Board Alberto Petruzzella will present the world’s most famous android robot Sophia followed by a three sessions debate of science, economy and politics. The presence of the Federal Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation Martina Hirayama, the State President of Canton Ticino Christian Vitta and the Mayor of Lugano Marco Borradori qualify the event and guarantee a profound and interesting exchange of ideas and visions.

14.00 Welcome: Sophia meet Alberto and Claudio

SUPSI’s Board President Alberto Petruzzella and Vice president Claudio Boër meet one of the world’s most famous Virtual Persons: Robot Sophia.

14.15 Panel 1 - Research and Innovation

Innovation cases I

Round table
Science and innovation under the focus of digitalization and sustainability. What are the challenges?

Guest speakers

  • Europe: Knut Blind, Chair of Innovation Economics, Technische Universität Berlin
  • Switzerland: Martina Hirayama, Federal Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation; Dominique Foray, Swiss Science Council
  • Ticino: Giambattista Ravano, SUPSI Deputy Director for Research and Innovation

Musical interlude
performed by violinist Francesca Bonaita
J.S. Bach, Ciaccona (excerpt)

15:15 Panel 2 - Economy and Innovation

Innovation cases II

Round table
Economy is innovation driven and gets more and more digitalized. What does
sustainable innovation mean and how are these concepts translated into practice?

Guest speakers

  • Europe: Alessandro Faccendetti, CEO Swiss Post Solutions Italy and Spain; Paola Corna Pellegrini, AD Allianz Partners
  • Switzerland: Renzo Cicillini, Site Head Lonza in Visp
  • Ticino: Riccardo Braglia, CEO Helsinn; Carmine Garzia, Head of Research DEASS-SUPSI

Musical interlude
performed by violinist Francesca Bonaita
N. Paganini, Capriccio N. 11
M. Nyman, Caprice for solo violin “Vermeer’s Wife Watches Prawns” from Zoo Caprices (1986) op. 1

16:30 Panel 3 - Policy and Innovation

Innovation cases III

Round table
How is innovation policy interpreted, do we need new concepts of sustainability? How can we facilitate a sustainable effective interaction between science, economy and society?

Guest speakers

  • International: Claudio Boër, Senior Advisor Swissnex China and SUPSI’s Board Vice
  • Europe: Giovanni Azzone, President Arexpo s.p.a; Otto Bruun, European Advisor for Innovation at SwissCore; Enrico Nardelli, President Informatics Europe, Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”
  • Switzerland: Christoph Eymann, National Council member, Canton of Basel-Stadt
  • Ticino: Christian Vitta, State President of the Canton Ticino and Director of the Department of finance and economy; Fabio Regazzi, National Council member and President of AITI; Marco Borradori, Mayor of Lugano

17:45 Theatre performance

by Faustino Blanchut and Kevin Blaser Alumni Accademia Teatro Dimitri

18:00 Questions and conclusions

18:30 Closure

Franco Gervasoni, General Director SUPSI

18:40 Apéro and SUPSI’s exhibition of research projects and innovation cases