Educational/training systems
Research oriented to educational and learning systems promotes favourable interactions between different approaches towards the scientific thought. This applyes to confidence/acknowledgement in the mandate/worth/potential of education and training.

In fact, any innovation is the result of a discovery, an evolution, it implies a learning process and in oder to be understood (and to be integrated into the social fabric), new learning must be generated. The process of changing, in its most profound sense, is always to be understood as a process of adaptation and of modification of the reality. In both cases this changing process has economic, social, cultural and ethical implications that must be considered.

The objective of the Axis is to promote research applied to learning situations between the learner and the educational qualities stated in formal, non formal and informal contexts throughout the life circle and within defined educational systems.

The axis group faces the challenge of a reflection on the virtuous interconnections between training and research: in fact all science is confronted with the need to propose an effective and efficient vocational disciplinary teaching, which promotes the culture of responsibility and sustainability.

Research axis Leader

Lorena Rocca

Working group

Accademia Teatro Dimitri
Antonella Astolfi
Demis Quadri
Hans-Henning Wulf

University of Music of Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana
Massimo Zicari

Department for Environment Constructions and Design
Nicla Borioli
Serena Cangiano
Ivan Curto
Iolanda Pensa
Cristian Scapozza

Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care
Leandro Bitetti
Vincenzo D'Angelo

Leonardo Da Vinci
Andrea Huber
Fulvio Poletti
Daniela Willi-Piezzi

Department of Education and Learning
Loredana Addimando
Sara Benini
Marina Bernasconi
Spartaco Calvo
Luciana Castelli
Luca Cignetti
Tommaso Corridoni
Alberto Crescentini
Silvia Demartini
Michele Egloff
Daniela Kappler
Jenny Marcionetti
Lucio Negrini
Luca Reggiani
Silvia Sbaragli

Department of Innovative Technologies
Nadia Catenazzi
Andrea Graf
Riccardo Mazza
Daniele Puccinelli
Lorenzo Sommaruga

University Directorship SUPSI
Jamal El Chaar
Wilma Minoggio

Fernfachhochschule Schweiz
Marco Bettoni
Egon Werlen