Social systems and public health

The expertise of the Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care, together with that of the other SUPSI Departments, provide the ideal framework in which to present the priority research axis: “Social Systems and Public Health”.

On the one hand, these departments propose and work on related issues, converging around socio-healthcare problems and their numerous and complex implications. On the other hand, these same issues are in turn, and inevitably, intersected by dimensions related to other sectors of the development system undertaken – the environment, the economy, technology – or in other words, dimensions focused on and studied by other SUPSI departments.

It would therefore be appropriate to consider the SUPSI research strategy illustrated here and the axes described above as one single aggregate, since they all possess elements of common interest that the “Social Systems and Public Health” axis also plans to study.

The axis focuses particularly on the following research areas:

  • Applied social research.
  • Management of social and healthcare services and structures.
  • Quality of operations and services.
  • Applied healthcare technology.
  • Healthcare and socio-healthcare communications and education.

Research axis Leader

Domenico Ferrari

Working group

University of Music of Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana
Hubert Eiholzer

Department of Environment Constructions and Design
Luca Morici
Mauro Tonolla
Claudio Valsangiacomo

Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care
Jenni Assi
Alberto Crescentini
Paola Di Giulio
Spartaco Greppi
Stefan Kunz
Paola Solcà

Department of Innovative Technologies
Gian Carlo Dozio
Alessandro Puiatti
Igor Stefanini

University Directorship SUPSI
Riccardo Cappelletti

Fernfachhochschule Schweiz
Daniel Zöbeli