Smart City / Smart Region
The process of innovation, not only technological but also social, which uses digitalisation tools and co-design methods to improve the quality of life and sustainability of a region, is expressed within the concepts of Smart City / Smart Region (SC/SR). The applied research paths of the axis focus on the improvement of services and use of resources, the optimisation of local processes and the increase of transparency and participation in decision-making processes.

The new axis stems from the need to establish SUPSI as a point of reference on the SC/SR theme in Ticino, in Switzerland and abroad. In order to achieve this objective, interdepartmental coordination work is required, devoted to the development of projects that promote digital and social innovation at the service of sustainability and the quality of life for citizens. The axis will also act as an interface for the public sector and businesses, developing approaches for the involvement and participation of civil society in the processes. Given its transdisciplinary focus, researchers from most SUPSI core areas (DACD, DEASS, DTI, DFA and FFHS) will participate in the axis.

The research axis shall focus on the following areas:

  • Approaches and enabling factors
  • Regional digitisation
  • Regional sustainability and decarbonisation
  • Quality of life for citizens

Research axis Leader

Albedo Bettini

Working group

Department of Environment Constructions and Design
Giovanni Profeta
Annalisa Rollandi

Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care
Victor Blazquez

Department of Education and Learning
Lorena Rocca

Department of Innovative Technologies
Tiziano Leidi
Salvatore Vanini
Michela Papandrea
Samuel Poretti
Matteo Salani

University Directorship SUPSI
Riccardo Cappelletti

Fernfachhochschule Schweiz

Beatrice Paoli
Martina Perani