Open Science
The term Open Science indicates all the actions directed towards a higher openness and accessibility of scientific results and research process.

The goal of Open Science is to make scientific research open, accessible to everybody (also in the long period), transparent and reproducible. Open Science includes Open Access, Open Data, Open Educational Resources, Open Innovation, Open Software, Open Hardware and Citizen Science. Among these initiatives, the two main ones are Open Access, covering scientific publications and Open Research Data, covering research data.

SUPSI acts in accordance with Swiss National Strategy on Open Access of swissuniversities and is a joint signatory of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.

In 2018, an Open Science working group was set up and the first SUPSI Open Science week was organized. In 2019, the “Open Science Case Studies” project was launched, aimed at implementing a series of pilot initiatives in all departments and affiliated schools of SUPSI. In 2020, a series of online seminars dedicated to the different aspects of Open Science were organized.

All information and presentations regarding Open Science in SUPSI can be found on the website Open Science SUPSI.

For questions regarding Open Science, please contact the Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer Service (contact person: Dr. Loredana Alberti).

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