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Acronym OptiFlex

Abstract Since the energy production from renewable sources is mostly weather-dependent and therefore massively and quickly fluctuating, various challenges arise. Unbalance between production and consumption, overvoltage and overload of grid components are just a few of them. One of the technical measures for mastering these challenges will be the intelligent management of available flexibility in the grid. Currently existing solutions only meet some of the requirements and are often too expensive and impracticable for a full rollout. There are also no products focusing on managing over voltage at voltage level 7 (low voltage for end- use) based on just the smart metering basis. Also, there are currently no existing products that focus on managing overvoltage at voltage level 7 solely based on the installed base of Smart Meters. We want to fill this gap: by using the installed Smart Metering base as measurement, communication and switching basis, the need for hardware investments for Smart Grid use cases is decreased substantially. In a first step we want to control flexibility for distribution grid purposes only.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Institute for Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment

People involved Davide Rivola

Managers Andrea Emilio Rizzoli

Date of Project Start 10 January 2018

Date of Project Completion 31 December 2022