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GoEco! A community based eco-feedback approach to promote sustainable personal mobility styles

Acronym GoEco!

Abstract Current mobility patterns are dominated by car, which accounts for high energy consumptions, local adverse impacts on health and contributes to global climate change. In the last years a number of alternative and energy-efficient mobility options emerged; yet, these still tend to be neglected due to a deep-rooted car dependency. How can we encourage people to go by bicycle or walk, to use the public transportation system or to rely on emerging alternatives such as vehicle-sharing or car-pooling systems? GoEco! seeks to overcome the traditional awareness-raising approach and, taking advantage of the wide acceptance of smartphones, proposes an innovative, community-based approach, directly addressing citizens and their everyday mobility choices.Our main objective is to investigate if and how information feedback and social interactions (social comparison and peer pressure) can be effective in fostering changes in personal mobility behaviour. We create a living lab experiment, which is a field study involving real-life users in real-world settings: using gamification elements, we will trigger eight hundred users between Canton Ticino and Zürich to change their mobility habits.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Laboratory of Visual Culture
Settore sostenibilita e societa

People involved Luca Morici, Roman Rudel, Gaetano Frongillo, Vanessa De Luca, Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, Mikael Oettli, Fabian Frei, Nikolett Kovacs

Managers Francesca Cellina

Date of Project Start 1 January 2015

Date of Project Completion 31 December 2017