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Physical-Modelling von Schwyzerörgeli und Akkordeons

Acronym PhysicalÖrgeli

Abstract Design and implement the next generation Schwyzerorgel and digital accordion based on digital hybrid/physical sound synthesis. Design and implementation of novel sound synthesis algorithms and related software infrastructure for creation, simulation and deployment thereof. Use of multi-core DSPs by using real-time parallel stream processing approaches. Reaching these objectives is highly dependent on a very close collaboration with the industrial partner, given his extensive know-how in traditional analog Schwyzerlorgel and accordion.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Istituto sistemi e tecnologie per la produzione sostenibile
Department of Innovative Technologies

People involved Thierry Heeb, Maurizio Barbato, Diego Frei

Managers Tiziano Leidi

Date of Project Start 1 April 2013

Date of Project Completion 1 April 2015