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SEC-WEAR: Design of very low power robust and secure nodes for wearable sensor networks

Acronym SEC-WEAR

Abstract Up to now research on the main general (i.e., application-independent) aspects involved in wireless wearable sensor networks, namely energy consumption, security and communication protocols, has been carried out pursuing independent optimization of the different parameters. Communication protocol optimization as well has been carried on again focusing on energy saving, avoiding security aspects as well as any aspect related to technological libraries. On the contrary, in our project, we aim at relying on a comprehensive design approach taking into account all different axes of the design space as above outlined, so that mutual influence of the different parameters can be accounted for and optimization is carried out simultaneously for all.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Laboratorio di networking

People involved Kamini Garg

Managers Alessandro Puiatti

Date of Project Start 1 September 2010

Date of Project Completion 31 August 2011