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Acronym Sinergia_

Abstract The SWISSSENSESYNERGY aims to bring together research from closely related fields that have recently emerged due to the proliferation of wireless computing devices. In particular, the ubiquity of smart phones as well as plans to deploy large numbers of small, local-range base stations (femto cells) creates many opportunities for synergistic computation as well as numerous privacy and se- curity concerns for the users. The overall goal of SWISSSENSESYNERGY is to provide a unifying framework for secure localisation and privacy-preserving location-based services. This is sure to lead to many innovations in the intersection of localisation, resource allocation, decision making, location-based services and privacy preservation. The project partners have been chosen deliber- ately to bring together capabilities not available at any one institution. Each partner is represented by experienced researchers in the field of wireless communications, distributed computing, simulations and experimental evaluations, statistics as well as security and privacy.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Laboratorio di networking

People involved Michela Papandrea

Managers Silvia Giordano Cremonese

Date of Project Start 1 January 2015

Date of Project Completion 31 December 2017