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Carrier-grade delay-aware resource management for wireless multi-hop/mesh networks

Acronym CARMnet

Abstract Nowadays, mesh networking makes possible the communication of wireless devices placed at short distances and is regarded as an important part of the so-called Radio Internet. However, in order to make mesh networks an important solution for carriers or a basis for a carrier-alternative user-operated overlay networking, the project will develop a cross-layer resource management framework that innovatively integrates resource management solutions that have so far been developed independently in two networking research areas: multi-service switching network algorithms and delay-aware wireless multi-hop and multi-path packet forwarding techniques.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Laboratorio di networking

People involved Dario Gallucci, Silvia Giordano Cremonese

Managers Salvatore Vanini

Date of Project Start 5 November 2012

Date of Project Completion 31 March 2015

Attachments allegato_al_progetto Outline di progetto - CARMNET (in English)