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New Modular and Adaptive solution for water recycling and treatment

Acronym HydroNET

Abstract The project objective is to develop the design, production, and implementation of a decentralized water treatment system for deployment in Switzerland as well as in emerging markets like China, South East Asia, and India. In Switzerland, many plants need to be modernized. In view of massive environmental challenges, emerging markets urgently require water treatment solutions that are flexible and adaptive, as well as effective for a range of waste water types and high volumes, while being affordable. Stringent environmental standards for effluents must be met. Therefore, the project addresses the necessary aspects to satisfy these requirements. This includes a modular systems approach to create a network of smaller, localized, interlinked and waste-specific purification plants to form a ?Hydronet? and the use of space saving air flotation technology. The integration of local suppliers into a lean supply chain as well as an advanced IT solution for real-time, remote management of the units, allow for significant cost savings both in the production and operation of the systems.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Department of Innovative Technologies
Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Technology

People involved Marco Colla, Nerio Cereghetti, Myrna Flores Pineda, Andrea Emilio Rizzoli

Managers Renzo Longhi

Date of Project Start 1 April 2008

Date of Project Completion 31 March 2010