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RF Wireless for Planetary Exploration

Acronym RF-WIPE

Abstract One of the main goals of this activity is to identify and assess an extensive number of planetary exploration scenarios relevant to the utilization of sensor network te chnologies. The main focus shall be on IEEE802.15.4-2006 and TinyOS or ZigBee standards, while other technologies may nevertheless be suggested if considered a valuable option. This identification and assessment of planetary surface exploration scenarios using wireless sensor network payloads will serve as a reference for future wireless studies. Another main objective of this activity is the modeling and simulation of the wireless communication parameters within these scenarios. The most interesting and relevant exploration scenarios shall be thoroughly defined and modeled in order to allow simulations of the wireless communications between the nodes. The last main objective is to increase the awareness and readiness of wireless sensor technologies by executing a ?real-life? demonstration. This implies (not exhaustively) the ?physical? implementation and verification of the scenario with breadboarding support, a bench test and a field test.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Department of Innovative Technologies
Laboratorio di networking

People involved Kamini Garg, Daniele Puccinelli, Dario Gallucci

Managers Alessandro Puiatti

Date of Project Start 1 March 2009

Date of Project Completion 28 February 2010