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Service platform for social Aware Mobile and Pervasive computing

Acronym Scampi

Abstract The future Internet will be characterised by a pervasive diffusion of devices with heterogeneous capabilities and resources. Users will carry personal mobile devices (smartphones, PDAs, cameras) bundling several wireless interfaces, supporting computationally intensive tasks, and powerful tools to produce multimedia content. Other types of devices with networking capabilities will be also available in the environment (sensors, fixed cameras, etc) featuring more specialised resources. The resulting networking environment, seen as a whole, will thus be characterised by a multitude of heterogeneous resources. The goal of SCAMPI is to enable each user to avail not only of the resources available on its own device, but also to opportunistically exploit the other resources of the environment, including those on the other users? devices, in a trustable and secure way. SCAMPI will thus enable users to compose the functionality of the different resources available in the network, enjoying much richer functionality than what available on their own device.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Laboratorio di networking

People involved Kamini Garg, Dario Gallucci, Michela Papandrea, Silvia Giordano Cremonese, Alan Ferrari

Managers Daniele Puccinelli

Date of Project Start 1 October 2010

Date of Project Completion 30 September 2013

Attachments allegato_al_progetto ISIN_SCAMPI (in English)