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Wagon Handling based on Ant Theory for Intermodal Freight

Acronym WHATIF

Abstract The goal of the project is to develop an innovative decision support system to improve tactical and operational planning of combined transport logistic operators. Intermodality is the way forward in the transportation business, as environmental and economic concerns make road-only transport less attractive. Still, combined transport operators are facing tough competition by road only transport in this transition period and they are in great need of tools and methodologies to improve the performance of their operations. The WHATIF project aims to deliver a decision support tool able to improve the efficiency of train disposition by 8-15 %, thus providing a sensible cost reduction.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence

People involved Janos Barta, Corrado Valeri, Matteo Salani, Roberto Montemanni

Managers Andrea Emilio Rizzoli

Date of Project Start 1 March 2010

Date of Project Completion 29 February 2012