Technological Partners


Publigood SA is an integrated service agency consisting of a team of highly qualified professional operators who work in various sectors of strategy, media, creativity and production, events and editing.

The project focussed on:

  • examination of the SUPSI Corporate Identity document regarding the application of the new corporate design to the web language;
  • preparation of 3 graphic proposals for the SUPSI portal, and for the Department and Institute sub-sites;
  • detailed graphic design of the SUPSI portal and of approximately 20 layouts (internal pages);
  • specification of the guidelines for photographing the banners with testimonials;
  • supervision of the html IT developments of the layouts, in order to check the accuracy of the design;
  • preparation of the “ web design manual”, which specifies the guidelines and the main instructions for creating all the layouts of the SUPSI portal and sub-sites.


Tinext supports companies that use web marketing as a key component of their competitive strategies. Tinext performed the following activities in the creation of the SUPSI portal:

  • general project management and support regarding the definition, organisation and prioritisation of the various sub-projects;
  • analyses aimed at specifying the high-level architecture and the details of the IT architecture, identifying the structural and functional aspects of the web portal, also conducted by means of prototyping the various sections of the portal;
  • configuration, development and tailoring of the web content management platform, based on the Magnolia product, for which Tinext is partner and centre of competence for Canton Ticino;
  • integration with the various legacy systems;
  • SUPSI staff training for managing and updating the web portal;
  • coordination of the other partners involved in the project.


Your Interface

Your Interface SA was set up in 2005 by a number of USI researchers who decided to invest and put their own scientific methodologies onto the market.

The company describes itself as a workshop for online communications, offering solutions tailored to the strategic and communication requirements of the customer. It provides its services to prestigious organizations (such as the High Commission of the United Nations, Whirlpool Europe and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) in all the phases of a web project (IT architecture, graphic development, usability and webmarketing).

In the project to put the SUPSI site online, Your Interface SA contributed its expertise in the field of interaction design. Based on existing material, it collaborated with the other partners in order to ensure the usability of the product and to enhance the experience of the user.