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Name and Surname Loris Cannelli

Position Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, ricercatore


Office Galleria 1
Via Cantonale, 6928 Manno

Internal telephone number +41586666667


Personal Details Loris Cannelli Born in Marsciano, Italy, 18/04/1988

Education and training Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University at Perugia, Italy, 2010 Master's Degree in Electrical and Telecommunications Egineering, University at Perugia, Italy, 2013 Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering, SUNY at Buffalo, USA, 2015 PhD in Industrial and Information Engineering, University at Perugia, Italy, 2018 PhD in Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, USA, 2019

Work experience Intern in Department of Microelectronics, TUDelft, The Netherlands, 2012-2013 -Analysis, design and test of wireless communication systems for underwater channels. -Analysis of underwater communication channels under the framework of the European RACUN project. Fixed Term Contract, University at Perugia, Italy, 2013-2014 -Feasibility study for an underwater acoustic modem. -Study, design and implementation of a wireless underwater communication system. Summer Intern, US Army Research Lab, USA, 2016 -Neural networks -Communication-computation tradeoff over multi-agent networks

Skills Nonconvex optimization & algorithms for distributed systems Optimization & algorithms for parallel and asynchronous systems Machine learning & Big Data C++