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Name and Surname Marco Colla

Position Istituto sistemi e tecnologie per la produzione sostenibile, responsabile


Office Galleria 2 - 268
Via Cantonale, 6928 Manno

Internal telephone number +41586666619


Education and training After the studies in Industrial Electronics, he attended several training courses in software programming languages, project management and didactics.

Work experience Since 1999 he collaborates with SUPSI as professor and head of the Automation Systems Technologies (AST) laboratory at ISTePS. He is lecturer and in charge of modules in Bachelor and Master Curricula, performs scientific activities in national and international commissions, conferences as also applied research projects. Previously he worked as software R&D engineer for industrial companies, beginning in 1981 at the Research Center of Honeywell Information Systems, continuing in 1986 at Olivetti and from 1986 at SOFTOOL Microelectronics.

Skills Industrial automation: methodologies and architectures for the design of control applications, programming languages, standards. Computer science: embedded & real-time software engineering.

Awards Innovation prize "Swiss Technology award" with the SOFTOOL Microelectronics company in 1992 for the development of a "Multiaxes multiprocessor digital control with OSI architecture" and in 1996 for the development of a "PNC-960S multiaxes embedded PC digital control ".

Article in conference proceedings 5 Elements

Dunnill, S., Morrison, D., Brugnetti, I., Colla, M.& Valente, A. (2014) Reconfigurable automated island for (DIS) assembly of a variety of silicon solar cell geometries for specialist low power and cpv applications. » more details Leidi, T., Heeb, T., Colla, M.& Thiran, J.-P. (2011) Event-Driven Real-Time Audio Processing with GPGPUs.. AES. » more details Leidi, T., Heeb, T., Colla, M.& Thiran, J.-P. (2011) Event-driven Scheduling for Parallel Stream Processing.. IEEE. » more details Leidi, T., Heeb, T., Colla, M.& Thiran, J.-P. (2010) Model-Driven Development of Audio Processing Applications for Multi-Core Processors.. AES. » more details Leidi, T., Heeb, T., Colla, M.& Thiran, J.-P. (2009) Audio n-Genie: Domain Specific Language for Audio Processing.. AES. » more details

Report 5 Elements

Bianchini, M., Pavesi, G., Astori, M., Valente, A., Colla, M., Cavadini, F., Theocharatos, C.& Fragoulis, N. (2015) Process planning methodology. University of Patras LMS. » more details Braglia, A., Brugnetti, I., Califano, A., Colla, M., Corfini, C., Dunnill, S., Fiasché, M., Morrison, D., Perrone, G., Tavola, G.& Valente, A. (2014) Functional and production requirements definition and production facility assessment. EU Commission. » more details Brugnetti, I., Cavadini, F., Colla, M., Corfini, C., Fiasché, M., Gambardella, L., Gualandi, S., Montalbano, G., Tavola, G.& Valente, A. (2014) Preliminary project reference framework. Supsi-DTI. » more details Morrison, D., Braglia, A., Valente, A., Brugnetti, I., Colla, M., Theocharatos, C., Scharf, D., Montalbano, G., Cavadini, F., Gualandi, S., Gambardella, L.& Bikas, H. (2014) Enabling technologies database. Supsi-DTI. » more details Valente, A., Colla, M.& Brugnetti, I. (2014) Configuration Approach Formulation. Supsi-DTI. » more details

Scientific journal article 1 Element

Leidi, T., Heeb, T., Colla, M.& Thiran, J.-P. (2011) Component-based and Model-driven Development of Data-intensive, Time-critical Applications for Multi-core Embedded Systems. International Journal of Discrete Event Control Systems, vol. 1 (2) pp.159-169. » more details

In charge of the following projects

Borealis - the 3A energy class Flexible Machine for the new Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing o » more details WHITE\'R (white room based on Reconfigurable robotic Island for optoelectronics) » more details Module de logiciel intégré dans le System Designer (plug-in) pour la génération automatique du langa » more details Rapid Development and Prototyping Tool for Audio Application » more details Active Adaptive Digital Loudspeaker with Optimization Filter » more details

Member of the following projects

Intelligent INvitro INcubator » more details New Modular and Adaptive solution for water recycling and treatment » more details Generated Micro Codes for Speakers VLSI » more details Intégration des Assembleur, Linker et Debugger pour le chip MacGic DXLVII » more details Integrated Modular Vision System » more details Custom, Environment and Comfort made shoe » more details Development of the process and implementation of the management tools for the extended user oriented » more details Quality Standard & Global Concept » more details Time to Market Sm@rtPhone » more details