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Name and Surname Francesca Dalia Faraci

Position Institute of Information Systems and Networking, Teacher-researcher


Office Polo universitario Lugano, Campus Est, Viganello
Polo universitario Lugano, Campus Est, Via la Santa 1, 6962 Lugano-Viganello

Internal telephone number +41586666594


Personal Details Francesca D. Faraci was born in Genoa.Italy

Education and training She received her Laurea diploma in Physics from the University of Genoa, Italy, in 2002; her PhD in Electronics from the University of York, U.K. in 2006. She has a CAS in Project Management and a CAS in Didactics (almost certified)

Work experience She worked for three years as research associate at the University of York, mainly on computational electromagnetics and dosimetry for mobile telecommunication applications. Then she joined Adaptive Computation Group of the University of Coimbra, Portugal, working on bio-signal analysis. After a short period with IT'IS Foundation Zurich she spent two years as Senior Researcher at the Bio Engineering Laboratory, former PEL, part of the D-BSSE ETH Zurich in Basel. Currently she is Senior Lecturer at SUPSI.

Skills Her research interests are in the areas of biomedical advanced data analysis, statistical data processing, multivariate analysis, experimental design.

Awards GOSPEL School Certificate 2007 DoE School Certificate 2009

Article in conference proceedings 7 Elements

Faraci, F., Papandrea, M., Puiatti, A., Agustoni-Moioli, S., Giulivi, S., D'Appuzzo, V., Giordano Cremonese, S., Righi, F., Barberis, O., Thommen, E.& Rossini-Drecq, E. (2018) AutoPlay: a smart toys-kit for an objective analysis of children ludic behavior and development. » more details Moggi, I., Faraci, F., Bisceglie, F.& Bergonzoni, M. (2015) Experimentation on the use of autoclaved aerated concrete in the production of double-layered self-locking floors. » more details Bertolotti, C., Donati, M., Bocciarelli, M., Faraci, F.& Bergonzoni, M. (2015) Pilot project for the traceability of waste in a hilly area of the province of parma for the optimization of door-to-door waste sorting. » more details Vannini, D., Bisceglie, F., Magnoni, M., Faraci, F.& Bergonzoni, M. (2015) Experimental for the recovery mud and inert waste, product from soil washing process. » more details Porter, S., Capstick, M., Faraci, F., Flintoft, I.& Marvin, A. (2004) SAR and induced current measurements on wired hands-free mobile telephones.. IET. » more details Faraci, F., Porter, S., Capstick, M., Flintoft, I.& Marvin, A. (2004) Efficient Modelling of Antennas for Exposure Assessment of Devices used in Close Proximity to the Human Body., pp.4-8. » more details Faraci, F., Porter, S., Flintoft, I.& Marvin, A. (2003) Interaction of emerging mobile telecommunication systems with the human body., pp.19-22. » more details

Scientific journal article 4 Elements

Bisceglie, F., Civati, D., Bonati, B.& Faraci, F. (2017) Reduction of potassium cyanide usage in a consolidated industrial process for gold recovery from wastes and scraps. Journal of cleaner production, vol. 142 pp.1810-1818. » more details Ratti, P., Faraci, F., Hackethal, S., Pereno, M., Ferlito, C., Mascheroni, A., Caverzasio, S., Bonoli, S., Guglielmetti, L., Amato, N., Puiatti, A.& Kaelin-Lang, A. (2017) Bedtime to morning variation of mobility after nocturnal sleep in Parkinson's disease. Sleep Medicine, vol. 40 pp.276-276. » more details Vanini, S., Faraci, F., Ferrari, A.& Giordano Cremonese, S. (2016) Using Barometric Pressure Data to Recognize Vertical Displacement Activities on Smartphones. Computer Communications, vol. 87 pp.37-48. » more details Frey, U., Sedivy, J., Heer, F., Pedron, R., Ballini, M., Mueller, J., Bakkum, D., Hafizovic, S., Faraci, F., Greve, F., Kirstein, K.-U.& Hierlemann, A. (2010) Switch-Matrix-Based High-Density Microelectrode Array in CMOS Technology. IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol. 45 (2) pp.467-482. » more details

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New SUStanaible methodology for precious METals recovery and recycling » more details

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AutoPlay: methodology development » more details AutoPlay » more details Identificazione Paziente Plus » more details