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Name and Surname Michela Ornati

Position Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care, Professional teacher


Office Palazzo E - 304
Via Cantonale, 6928 Manno

Internal telephone number +41586666151


Personal Details Artistic background and international life experience. Married with two daughters. Currently living with her family in Lugano, Switzerland.

Education and training PhD Student, Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication, Università della Svizzera italiana - USI. CAS in Didactics, 2017. MBA, Jefferson University, USA. Master's Degree in English, International University of Languages and Media - IULM, Milan, Italy. USA High-School diploma. Italian Linguistic Matura.

Work experience International executive experience in the textile, apparel and luxury sectors with leading brands (Armani, Bulgari, Mantero, DMC): product development, marketing and communication, sales, ICT and strategic projects management. Consultant. Professional teacher at SUPSI and at other higher-education institutions. Business Coach. Mention, Credit Swiss Best Teaching Award, "Fashion & Luxury Sustainability Summer School 2014" at SUPSI. See full profile:

Skills International relations, marketing, relationship marketing, stakeholder engagement, customer relationship management and social CRM, customer experience and loyalty management, service design, retail, e-commerce. Management expertise in textile, fashion and luxury sectors. Teaching, coaching, tutoring.

Awards Ornati, M., a cura di (2012). Oltre il CRM. La customer experience nell'era digitale. Strategie, best practices, scenari del settore moda e lusso. Milan: Franco Angeli. Buttle F. (2012). Customer Relationship Management. Teorie e tecnologie. Milan: Franco Angeli. Editor.

Article in conference proceedings 3 Elements

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Book 2 Elements

Francis, B.& Ornati, M. (2012) Customer Relationship Management. Teorie e Tecnologie , Franco Angeli. » more details Ornati, M. (2011) Oltre il CRM. La customer experience nell'era digitale. Strategie, best practices, scenari del settore moda e lusso, Michela Ornati ,Fabio Bernardini , Franco Angeli. » more details

Chapter in book 3 Elements

Ornati, M. 2022. True Feel: Re-Embodying the Touch Sense in the Digital Fashion Experience, A. In Materializing digital futures: touch, movement, sound and vision, Cinque Toija ,Jordan Vincent . Bloomsbury. » more details Ornati, M. 2021. Touch in Text. The Communication of Tactility in Fashion E-Commerce Garment Descriptions. In Fashion Communication. Proceedings of the FACTUM 21 Conference, Pamplona, Spain, 2021, Sádaba Teresa ,Cominelli Francesca ,Kalbaska Nadzeya ,Cantoni Lorenzo ,Torregrosa Puig Marta , pp.29-40. Springer. » more details Ornati, M. 2019. Touching the Cloth: Haptics in Fashion Digital Communication. In Fashion Communication in the Digital Age, Kalbaska N. ,Sádaba T. ,Cominelli F. ,Cantoni L. , pp.254-258. Springer International Publishing. » more details

Scientific journal article 4 Elements

Ornati, M.& Kalbaska, N. (2022) Looking for haptics. Touch digitalization business strategies in luxury and fashion during COVID-19 and beyond. Digital Business, vol. 2 (100035). » more details Ornati, M., Picco-Schwendener, A.& Marazza, S. (2022) Sizing up the Body: Virtual Fit Platforms in Fashion E-commerce. International Journal of fashion studies, vol. 9 (1) pp.199-218. » more details Jewitt, C., Price, S., Steimle, J., Huisman, G., Golmohammadi, L., Pourjafarian, N., Frier, W., Howard, T., Ipakchian Askar, S., Ornati, M., Panëels, S.& Weda, J. (2021) Manifesto for Digital Social Touch in Crisis. Frontiers in Computer Science, vol. 3 pp.1-16. » more details Cantoni, L., Cominelli, F., Kalbaska, N., Ornati, M., Sádaba, T.& SanMiguel, P. (2020) Fashion Communication Research. A way ahead. SCOMS - Studies in Communication Sciences, vol. 20 (1) pp.121-125. » more details