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Name and Surname Pamela Principi

Department/School/Unit Institute for Mechanical Engineering and Materials Technology


Office Galleria 2 - 028 - MEMTI - PT
Via Cantonale, 6928 Manno

Internal telephone number +41586666678


Education and training Principi Pamela has a degree in Biology and holds the title of Ph.D. in chemistry, biochemistry and ecology of the pesticides from the University of Milan, Department of Food Science and Technology and Microbiology (DiSTAM).

Work experience Since 1999 she deals with microbiology applied to environment and cultural heritage and is involved in European projects. She has been visitor scientist at the Marine Science Department, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, and Department of Plant Pathology, Ohio State-OARDC, Ohio, USA.From 2004 to 2008 she is also manager of R&D in Progesam spa dealing with composting process of organic matter and degradation of recalcitrant wastewater. Since November 2010 she is researcher in SUPSI iCIMSI working on topics related to the water and environment sectors.

Skills microbial biotechnologies applied to remediation and protection of the environment

Awards 2002 program "Young Researchers". In 2004 fellowship for "microbiology" at Uninsubria and UniMi.

Scientific journal article 4 Elements

König, R., Spaggiari, M., Santoliquido, O., Principi, P., Bianchi, G.& Ortona, A. (2020) Micropollutant adsorption from water with engineered porous ceramic architectures produced by additive manufacturing and coated with natural zeolite. Journal of Cleaner Production. » more details Castiglioni, S., Zuccato, E., Fattore, E., Riva, F., Terzaghi, E., König, R., Principi, P.& Di Guardo, A. (2019) Micropollutants in Lake Como water in the context of circular economy: a snapshot of water cycle contamination in a changing pollution scenario. Journal of Hazardous Materials. » more details Principi, P., König, R.& Cuomo, M. (2019) Anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic substrates: benefits of pre-treatments. Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports. » more details Ravasi, D., König, R., Principi, P., Perale, G.& Demarta Aeschbacher, A. (2019) Effect of powdered activated carbon as advanced step in wastewater treatments on antibiotic resistant microorganisms. Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, vol. 20 pp.63-75. » more details

In charge of the following projects

Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer (DIET) per incrementare la produzione di metano » more details Investigation of the impact of PAC recycling to the occurrence of ARB in a municipal WWTP » more details Two-phase ANaerobic digestion for Aqueous Industrial waStes » more details Distribution of Antibiotic Resistant microorganisms in municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) » more details BIOmass for Swiss EngErgy future » more details BIOmass for SWIss EnErgy fuTure » more details Anammox with DAF treated municipat wastewater (Feasibility study) » more details Installazione dimostrativa temporanea di un sistema di separazione di solidi sospesi, montaggio degl » more details Studio preliminare per la realizzazione di un sistema di risparmio idrico per gli allevamenti ittici » more details Analisi tecnico-scientifica ed economica di confronto di alternative di valorizzazione dello scarto » more details Analisi del potenziale di digestibilità di una matrice (vino) in due condizioni di processo differen » more details

Member of the following projects

CAking mitigation for MICRONization process of organic substances in spiral jet mills » more details SDC Well Cleaning in an Emergency: Technical Guidelines » more details Valorizzazione Lana Ticinese » more details Clean Custom Tools for Wood-Advanced Materials » more details