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Name and Surname Corrado Valeri

Position Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, ricercatore

Article in conference proceedings 2 Elements

Montemanni, R., Valeri, C., Gambardella, L., Gioacchini, M., Fumagali, T., Zeller, H., Meyer, K., Faist, M.& Rizzoli, A. (2013) Supply chain design and sustainability in the textile sector. In Proceedings of ICAOR 2013 – The 5th International Conference on Applied Operational Research, In Lecture Notes in Management Science 5, J.S. Yeomans et al. eds. » more details Rizzoli, A., Salani, M., Valeri, C., Barta, J., Croci-Torti, S., Croci, A., Barbone, A.& Gambardella, L. (2012) WHATIF: A Decision Support System for Planning and Management of Rsail Freight Networks. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Harbor Maritime and Multimodal Logistics M&S, pp.128-133. » more details

Member of the following projects

SmartH2O: an ICT Platform to leverage on Social Computing for the efficient management of Water Cons » more details EcoLog Tex-Tool for Ecologic-Economic Supply Analysis and.... » more details Wagon Handling based on Ant Theory for Intermodal Freight » more details