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Name and Surname Vanessa De Luca

Position Laboratory of Visual Culture, docente


Office Campus Mendrisio
Via Catenazzi 23, 6850 Mendrisio

Internal telephone number +41586666385


Education and training Ph.D in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication (Politecnico di Milano), Ph.D. visiting student (ITU Copenhagen - Game Research Group), M.Sc. in Industrial Design (Politecnico di Milano).

Work experience Since 2004 she works as designer in heterogeneous working groups, participating in several projects from multimedia, web design, e-learning, building automation interfaces to serious games and communication strategies. Assistent professor at the Politecnico of Milan, she is currently part of Laboratory of Visual Culture (DACD - SUPSI). Her activity involves consulting, teaching, interfaces and interaction design.

Skills Interaction design, user's experience in non-ordinary interaction environments, game design. She explores tools and projects for the intertwining of the game/play elements and mechanisms in the daily life highlighting environmental and social soustainability.

Article in conference proceedings 28 Elements

Cellina, F., Carabias-Hutter, V., Castri, R., De Luca, V., Granato, P., Kienast, P., Lobsiger-Kägi, E.& Wemyss, D. (2021) Social Power Plus: Empowering Households to Energy Sufficiency through Co-designed App-based Community Energy Challenges. In Conference proceedings BEHAVE 2020-2021 the 6th European Conference on Behaviour Change for Energy Efficiency, pp.89-92. » more details Kosmides, P., Demestichas, K., Adamopoulou, E., Koutsouris, N., Oikonomidis, Y.& De Luca, V. (2018) InLife: Combining Real Life with Serious Games using IoT. In Proceedings of 2018 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games, pp.370-376. » more details De Luca, V., Cellina, F., Wemyss, D., Castri, R., Lobsiger-Kägi, E.& Carabias, V. (2018) Social Power App: Encouraging energy saving behaviour through play, learning and social interaction. » more details De Luca, V.& Ascolese, A. (2018) Learning from the reality: InLife game-based scenarios for sustainable and inclusive behaviours., pp.76-77. » more details De Luca, V. (2018) Reality-based Interaction Design. A review of tools and products for people participation in the challenges of sustainability. » more details De Luca, V., Ascolese, A.& Rossini-Drecq, E. (2018) Turning fun into learning: hoe serious games inspire new educational frameworks. » more details De Luca, V., Rossini-Drecq, E.& Ascolese, A. (2018) Turning fun into learning: how serious games inspire new educational frameworks., pp.2897-2904. » more details De Luca, V., Lombardi, D., Cruder, C.& Pucciarelli, M. (2018) How do performers increase their wellbeing? An investigation among music and theater professionals.. In Proceedings of International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, pp.2423-2433. » more details Koutsouris, N., Kosmides, P., Demestichas, K., Adamopoulou, E., Giannakopoulou, K.& De Luca, V. (2018) InLife: a platform enabling the exploitation of IoT and gamification in healthcare. » more details Cellina, F., Bucher, D., Raubal, M., Rudel, R., De Luca, V.& Botta, M. (2016) GoEco! – A Set of Smartphone Apps Supporting the Transition Towards Sustainable Mobility Patterns. » more details Cellina, F., Rudel, R., De Luca, V., Rizzoli, A., Botta, M., Raubal, M., Bucher, D.& Weiser, P. (2016) Eco-feedback and gamification elements for sustainability: the GoEco! living lab experiment. In Transportation Research Procedia. » more details Castri, R., Wemyss, D., Cellina, F., De Luca, V., Frick, V., Lobsiger-Kaegi, E., Galbani Bianchi, P.& Carabias, V. (2016) Triggering Electricity-Saving Through Smart Meters: Play, Learn And Interact Using Gamification And Social Comparison. In Proceedings of the 1st ever Energy-Feedback Symposium - Teddinet. » more details De Luca, V. (2016) On Positive Emotions and design: a Game Card tool to increase the participatory design activity. » more details De Luca, V. (2016) Emotions-Based Interactions: design challeges for increasing well-being. In Proceedings of Design and Emotions conference, pp.541-546. » more details Wemyss, D., Castri, R., De Luca, V., Cellina, F., Frick, V., Lobsiger-Kägi, E., Galbani (-Bianchi), P., Hertach, C., Kuhen, T.& Carabias, V. (2016) Keeping up with the Joneses: examining community-level collaborative and competitive game mechanics to enhance household electricity-saving behaviour. » more details Weiser, P., Bucher, D., Cellina, F.& De Luca, V. (2015) Taxonomy of Motivational Affordances for Meaningful Gamified and Persuasive Technologies, A. In Proceedings of the. » more details Cellina, F., De Luca, V., Kovacs, N., Rizzoli, A., Rudel, R., Bucher, D., Weiser, P.& Raubal, M. (2015) GoEco! A smartphone application leveraging eco-feedback and gamification techniques to nudge sustainable personal mobility styles. » more details De Luca, V., Costa, P.& Zannoni, M. (2014) Exploring Design Seeds for Urban Transformation. In City Data Future - Interactions in hybrid urban space. » more details Castri, R., De Luca, V., Lobsiger-Kägi, E., Moser, C.& Carabias, V. (2014) Favouring behavioural change of households’ energy consumption through social media and cooperative play. » more details De Luca, V.& Castri, R. (2014) Social Power Game: A smart application for sharing energy-saving behaviours in the city., The. In Proceedings of the AVI 2014 International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces. » more details De Luca, V. (2013) Handle Energy Project: Social Interaction for Enhancing Energy Awareness. In ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. » more details Catenazzi, N., De Luca, V., Sommaruga, L.& Botta, M. (2012) Guidelines to Design Inclusive Ambient Intelligence Solutions for Human Activity Sharing., pp.496-501. » more details De Luca, V. (2012) Analog surroundings: urban interventions, practices and web-based (in)visibility.. » more details Botta, M., Sommaruga, L., Cangiano, S., Catenazzi, N., De Luca, V., Fornari, D., Mancini, M., Mazza, R.& Rizzo, N. (2011) Interaction Design Lab. In LUXS 2011 Proceedings, pp.11-11. » more details Botta, M., Catenazzi, N., Sommaruga, L., Cangiano, S., De Luca, V., Fornari, D.& Rizzo, N. (2011) Human centered design framework to generate novel ambient intelligence interface solutions. In DPPI 11 Proceedings, pp.561-562. » more details De Luca, V.& Suteu, I. (2009) How to construct and express the creative thought. Understanding the communication mechanisms of the collaborative design teamwork.. In Proceeding of IASDR conference. » more details De Luca, V. (2009) Play Design: A collaborative design space based on digital game project.. » more details De Luca, V.& Suteu, I. (2008) Design Instrument for Learning Games: Shaping the motivation of play.. In Proceedings of International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED). » more details

Chapter in book 3 Elements

De Luca, V. 2012. La città dinamica. Mobilità, luoghi, persone.. In Visioni Urbane, Narrazioni per il design della città sostenibile., Galbiati Marisa ,Piredda Francesca , pp.173-191. Franco Angeli. » more details De Luca, V.& Bertolo, M. 2012. La città interattiva. Un approccio ludico.. In Visioni Urbane, Narrazioni per il design della città sostenibile., Galbiati Marisa ,Piredda Francesca , pp.193-207. Franco Angeli. » more details De Luca, V., Bertolo, M.& Zannoni, M. 2012. Around Play and Interaction Design Research.. In Constructing Ambient Intelligence, Wichert Reiner ,Van Laerhoven Kristof ,Gelissen Jean , Communications in Computer and Information Science, pp.218-223. Springer. » more details

Report 5 Elements

De Luca, V. (2020) Studio di pianificazione strategica 2020-2024 nell’ambito della museografia, della comunicazione e della promozione. SUPSI. » more details De Luca, V., Ascolese, A.& Rossini-Drecq, E. (2018) AKSION: A serious game for social inclusion. InLife H2020. » more details De Luca, V., Karachontzitis, S.& Marcon, B. (2018) InLife IoT Platform: next generation of smart learning. InLife H2020. » more details De Luca, V., Ortega, V., Hinojosa Valenzuela, J.& Rivada Rodriguez, A. (2018) ICEBERG: smart learning for smart environment. InLife H2020. » more details Wemyss, D., Castri, R., Cellina, F., De Luca, V., Lobsiger-Kägi, E.& Carabias, V. (2015) Playing together to save electricity: comparing approaches with the Social Power mobile app. Monthly bulletin of the IEEE Computer Society Special Technical Community on Sustainable Computing, Volume 5, Issue 1. » more details

Scientific journal article 6 Elements

Wemyss, D., Cellina, F., Lobsiger-Kaegi, E., De Luca, V.& Castri, R. (2019) Does it last? Long-term impacts of an app-based behavior change intervention on household electricity savings in Switzerland. Energy Research & Social Science, vol. 47 pp.16-27. » more details Wemyss, D., Castri, R., Cellina, F., De Luca, V., Lobsiger-Kaegi, E.& Carabias-Hutter, V. (2018) Examining community-level collaborative vs. competitive approaches to enhance household electricity-saving behavior. Energy Efficiency. » more details De Luca, V. (2018) Gamification, IoT e territorio. Strumenti e piattaforme di apprendimento per la sostenibilità. MD Journal, vol. 5 pp.130-139. » more details De Luca, V. (2016) Oltre l’interfaccia: emozioni e design dell’interazione per il benessere. MD Journal, vol. 1 (1) pp.106-119. » more details De Luca, V.& Zannoni, M. (2016) Sinapsi. Design e connettività. MD Journal pp.6-11. » more details De Luca, V.& Bertolo, M. (2012) Urban Games to design the augmented city. Eludamos Journal for Computer Game Culture, vol. 6 (1) pp.71-83. » more details

Thesis 1 Element

De Luca, V. (2009) Play Design. A model for interaction design collaborative processes. Politecnico di Milano. » more details

In charge of the following projects

Design for Wellbeing » more details INLIFE » more details Studio per lo sviluppo di un piano di comunicazione integrata. Il Museo cantonale di storia naturale » more details Games 4 Learning - Serious Games for Higher Education Institutions » more details Handle energy. Eco-feedback Pilot Project » more details Games for Smart Environments » more details Val Piora Interactive » more details

Member of the following projects

Social Power Plus » more details MARKS - Monumentale Arboreto per la Rete storica e il Knowledge-management di Spazi innovativi multifactory e artistici tra Italia e Svizzera » more details Mediazione Cultura Inclusione » more details Social Power Project » more details GoEco! A community based eco-feedback approach to promote sustainable personal mobility styles » more details Storytelling for Water Awareness Raising » more details Il paesaggio culturale alpino su Wikipedia » more details Ignis mutat res » more details Creative Companies in Alpine Space » more details OmniVision Nav » more details Interaction Design LAB » more details