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Name and Surname Ivan Ureta Vaquero

Position Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care, docente-ricercatore


Office Stabile Suglio - 3026
Via Cantonale 18, 6928 Manno

Internal telephone number +41586666174


Personal Details Bilbao, 1976

Education and training BA(Hons) Contemporary History; MA History and Society; PhD Business History (Deusto, 2003); PhD International Relations (King's College London, 2014)

Work experience Currently: Senior Lecturer, SUPSI-inno3;Associate Professor IE Business School; R. Fellow King's College London;VR Fellow IMI U. of Oxford Previously: Associate Professor of IPE at Sultan Qaboos University (Oman); Teaching fellow and research associate at University of Cambridge, Exeter and Leeds (UK); Senior Researcher at USI (CH); Associate professor at Piura and San Marcos (Peru); Expert at IOM. Scientific collaborations; Judge Business School, U. of Malta, Graduate Institute, Norwegian Institute of Foreign Affairs, AECI, APCI, NATO Parliamentary Assembly, US Government among others.

Skills Migration/mobility; socio-economic development; IPE; political communication; policy e risk analysis; Geographical expertise: EU, North Africa and Middle East, Latin America.

Awards IE Business School; Best Professor Award, 2014/2015

Article in conference proceedings 4 Elements

Ureta Vaquero, I.& Calzada, I. (2018) Contrasting regional innovation and devolution schemes across Europe. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I., Ferrari, A., Blazquez, V.& Galli, V. (2018) Automatic Keyword Extraction from Discourses to Improve Risk Perception, Scenario Planning and Decision-Making Processes. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I. (2017) Economic cycle, public discourse and variations in governing refugees in the EU. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I.& Blazquez, V. (2017) RECONNECTING CROSS-BORDER REGIONS IN THE ALPINE SPACE Economy, Anti-Immigration Speech and Public Opinion. » more details

Book 7 Elements

Ureta Vaquero, I. (2016) Spain, the EU and the Mediterranean: From 1985 to the Arab Spring, Routledge. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I. (2011) Media, Migration and Public Opinion: Myths, Prejudices and the Challenge of Attaining Mutual Understanding between Europe and North Africa, Ureta Vaquero Ivan , Peter Lang. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I.& Lutterbeck, D. (2010) Migration, Development and Diplomacy: Perspectives from the Southern Mediterranean, Africa World Press. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I. (2007) Experiencias y Lecciones de Desarrollo Rural, University of Malaga and Spanish Agency for Development and Cooperation. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I. (2006) Crecimiento Economico y Desarrollo Sostenible. Politicas para America Latina. una Propuesta Tecnico-humanista, Ureta Vaquero Ivan , Fondo de Cultura Economica. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I. (2006) La Transición de Mercados a Sociedades Emergentes, University of Malaga. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I.& Calvo, C. (2006) América Latina Hoy y, Hasta Cuándo?, University of Malaga. » more details

Chapter in book 1 Element

Ureta Vaquero, I. 2009. Connectivity, Migration and Socio-Economic Development with a focus on the Maghreb. In Communication Technologies in Latin America and Africa: A multidisciplinary perspective, Ros Adela ,Ardevol Mireia , pp.245-271. Universita Oberta de Catalunya. » more details

Presentation at a conference 6 Elements

Ureta Vaquero, I.Migration governance and security in the Euro-Mediterranean space: A communicational and discoursive analysis. , International Migration Institute Seminar Series, Oxford Talks, 24-5-2017, University of Oxford. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I.& Blazquez, V.Innovation beyond boundaries: Interpreting, communicating and managing innovation policies in cross-border regions. , Rorep SwissLab 2017, 2-6-2017, Tramelan - Bern, Switzerland. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I.& Blazquez, V.Reconnecting in times of disconnection: Challenges and opportunities in promoting shared economic and innovation strategies across the alpine space.. , Laboratoire d'Excellence Innovation et Territoire de Montagne, 11-1-2017, University of Grenoble, France. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I.& Lutterbeck, D.Economy and trade: Are international instruments being put to their full use in durably addressing root causes of migration from Africa?. , 17th European Diplomatic Programme, IV, Malta, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 18-5-2017, Malta. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I.Conceptualizing and Developing Enhanced Bottom-Up Strategies to Increase Competitiveness, Power and Influence in Alpine Regions: The Gottardo Brand. , Alpweek, 13-10-2016, Grassau, Germany. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I.Oil Governance in Oman: Harmonizing Tradition and Socio-Economic Innovation. , Civil Society and Natural Resource Management, 2014, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Oslo, Norway. » more details

Report 2 Elements

Lienhard, M., Blazquez, V., Bruni, S.& Ureta Vaquero, I. (2018) Modellvorhaben Nachhaltige Raumentwicklung 2014-2018: Ausreichendes und bedürfnisgerechtes Wohnraumangebot schaffen. Ufficcio Federale dello Sviluppo Territoriale (ARE). » more details Lepori, B., Ureta Vaquero, I.& Alberton, S. (2016) RIO Country Report Switzerland 2015. European Commision. » more details

Scientific journal article 5 Elements

Ureta Vaquero, I. (2018) Migrazione e rifugiati: intenzioni, percezioni e responsabilità.. Iride. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I. (2017) Oman at a Crossroad: Oil Crisis Management, Public Debate and the Role of the Civil Society. Journal of Oil, Gas and Law Intelligence, vol. 15 (3) pp.1-23. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I.& Due-Gundersen, N. (2014) Green Oil in the Gulf: Oman's Role as Regional Innovator. Journal of Oil, Gas and Energy Law, vol. 4 (4). » more details Cristiani, D., Fabiani, R.& Ureta Vaquero, I. (2012) Il Sahel dopo Ghedaffi. Rivista Italiana di Geopolitica, vol. 5 (12) pp.70-85. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I. (2012) Senza Ghedaffi nel Sahel cambia tutto. Rivista Italiana di Geopolitica, vol. 5 (12) pp.25-37. » more details

In charge of the following projects

Big Data Aggregation for Integrated Risk Assessment & Reporting focusing on Start Ups and SMEs » more details Synthese Projets-modèles logement / Modellvorhaben Wohnraumangebot » more details

Member of the following projects

Polo di Sviluppo Economico di Biasca - Accompagnamento per l'implementazione del progetto di rilancio » more details