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Name and Surname Victor Blazquez

Position Inno3 Competence Centre, ricercatore


Office Stabile Suglio - 3092
Via Cantonale 18, 6928 Manno

Internal telephone number +41586666167


Personal Details Victor Blazquez was born in Faido on 25th July 1987.

Education and training He has achieved a Bachelor of Science in Economics in 2010 and a Master of Science in Economics with Major in Management in 2012. During his master's studies he participated in a mobility program at the University of St. Gallen.

Work experience During his university's studies he worked as researcher at Otis SA, a multinational company in the elevator industry, from 2009 to 2011. After obtaining hi Master Degree he worked at ServiceHunter AG, a start-up in Zurich spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), in 2013. He is working in the Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care since 2013. From 2013 to 2015 as scientific collaborator and from 2016 until now as researcher.

Skills Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Company’s sustainable growth, Ambidextrous Organizations, Age Management.

Article in conference proceedings 3 Elements

Schenker, F., Antonietti, S., Blazquez, V., Voney, V., Odaglia, P., Zerbi, S., Coppola, L., Bernardi, C., Corboud, F., Ferrari, D., Ambrosi, C.& Pozzoni, M. (2020) Quarry waste for the production of sustainable and innovative constructional materials. In Anstract proceedings EGU General Assembly 2020, » more details Ureta Vaquero, I., Ferrari, A., Blazquez, V.& Galli, V. (2018) Automatic Keyword Extraction from Discourses to Improve Risk Perception, Scenario Planning and Decision-Making Processes. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I.& Blazquez, V. (2017) RECONNECTING CROSS-BORDER REGIONS IN THE ALPINE SPACE Economy, Anti-Immigration Speech and Public Opinion. » more details

Book 1 Element

Alberton, S., Blazquez, V.& Martone, A. (2013) Age management. Creare valore con i lavoratori maturi, IPSOA Gruppo Wolters Kluwer. » more details

Newspaper/Magazine article 1 Element

Blazquez, V.& Alberton, S. (2016) Intergenerazionalità: valore per l’azienda. Ticino Management, pp.74-75. » more details

Presentation at a conference 5 Elements

Blazquez, V.Diffused pole of economic development (DPED) in Ticino: industrial network development to foster innovation and competitiveness in disconnected peripheral regions. , 3rd International Winter School LabEx ITEM, 6-4-2018, Monte Carasso (Ticino), Switzerland. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I.& Blazquez, V.Innovation beyond boundaries: Interpreting, communicating and managing innovation policies in cross-border regions. , Rorep SwissLab 2017, 2-6-2017, Tramelan - Bern, Switzerland. » more details Ureta Vaquero, I.& Blazquez, V.Reconnecting in times of disconnection: Challenges and opportunities in promoting shared economic and innovation strategies across the alpine space.. , Laboratoire d'Excellence Innovation et Territoire de Montagne, 11-1-2017, University of Grenoble, France. » more details Blazquez, V.Gioco intergenerazionale e gestione delle età in azienda. , TICINO 2020 - Per essere pronti: La creazione di valore aggiunto attraverso il capitale umano, 18-11-2016, Palazzo dei Congressi - Lugano, Switzerland. » more details Blazquez, V.Poles of economic development: a right pathway to foster entrepreneurial and innovation processes?. , regiosuisse-Wissenschaftsforum 2016 "Wie gestalten sich erfolgreiche Innovations-und Unternehmensprozesse auf regionaler Ebene?", 24-11-2016, Interlaken,Switzerland. » more details

Report 2 Elements

Schenker, F., Blazquez, V., Antonietti, S., Zerbi, S., Coppola, L., Bernardi, C., Lurati, M., Pozzoni, M., Corboud, F., Ferrari, D.& Ambrosi, C. (2020) SCARTI DI CAVA PER LA PRODUZIONE DI CONGLOMERATI SOSTENIBILI E TECNOLOGICAMENTE INNOVATIVI. SUPSI. » more details Lienhard, M., Blazquez, V., Bruni, S.& Ureta Vaquero, I. (2018) Modellvorhaben Nachhaltige Raumentwicklung 2014-2018: Ausreichendes und bedürfnisgerechtes Wohnraumangebot schaffen. Ufficcio Federale dello Sviluppo Territoriale (ARE). » more details

Thesis 1 Element

Blazquez, V. (2012) Ambidextrous Organizations: sustainable growth by balancing exploitation and exploration. Università della Svizzera italiana. » more details

In charge of the following projects

ARBED SMART CENTER - Accompagnamento scientifico-tecnico nello sviluppo del concetto SMART CENTER » more details Polo di Sviluppo Economico di Biasca - Accompagnamento per l'implementazione del progetto di rilancio » more details

Member of the following projects

Sviluppo di una piattaforma integrata Smart City per il Ticino » more details Scarti di cava per la produzione di conglomerati sostenibili e tecnologicamente innovativi. » more details Big Data Aggregation for Integrated Risk Assessment & Reporting focusing on Start Ups and SMEs » more details Synthese Projets-modèles logement / Modellvorhaben Wohnraumangebot » more details Studio strategico-operativo ?ZIIC+? Biasca - Dal consolidamento allo sviluppo » more details