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Name and Surname Leandro Bitetti

Position Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care, Responsabile corso di laurea


Office Stabile Suglio - 3072
Via Cantonale 18, 6928 Manno

Internal telephone number +41586666168


Personal Details Leandro Bitetti, Phd, is born in Zurich, on March 3rd, 1988.

Education and training 2018-2021: PhD in Communication Sciences at University of Lugano - Topic: Barriers and Enablers of Business Model Innovation: a Cognitive Approach (Supervisor: Prof. Michael Gibbert, Institute of Marketing and Communication Management) 2010-2012: MSc in Management, with specialization in Organisational Behavior at University of Lausanne (HEC) 2007-2010: BA in Economics at University of Lugano

Work experience From 09.2019: Lecturer-researcher at Competence Centre for Management and Entrepreneurship (SUPSI-DEASS) 2014-08.2019: Lecturer-researcher at inno3 Competence Centre (SUPSI-DEASS) 2012-2014: Audit Assistant at Ernst & Young

Skills Business Model Innovation, Innovation Strategy, Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Company succession and Strategic Renewal

Awards 2020: Mariano Corso Best Practical Implications Award 2017: Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching 2015-16: first prize - "Economics & Management of Innovation" with Prof. Siegfried Alberton

Article in conference proceedings 6 Elements

Mendini, M., Peter, P., Bitetti, L.& Castro, I. (2022) Marketing ingredients for food design thinking. » more details Peter, P., Mendini, M., Bitetti, L.& Castro, I. (2022) Food Design Thinking and Food Manufacturers: Integrating a Marketing Perspective into the Design of Food Innovations. » more details Bitetti, L.& Gibbert, M. (2021) Dual Process of Dissonance Resolution on Business Model Components, The. » more details Bitetti, L.& Gibbert, M. (2020) Cognitive Processes Between Jobs-to-be-done and Business Model Innovation. » more details Bitetti, L.& Gibbert, M. (2020) Dominant Logic and Business Model Innovation: Resolving Cognitive Dissonance on the Component Level. » more details Bitetti, L.& Gibbert, M. (2020) Business Model Innovation Failure: the Role of Cognitive Dissonance within Dominant and Emerging Logics. » more details

Chapter in book 1 Element

Mendini, M., Bitetti, L.& Peter, P. 2021. How to Use Co-Creation in Design Thinking to Promote and Enhance Healthy Food Experience Among Vulnerable Populations. In Design Thinking for Food Well-Being, Batat Wided , pp.53-69. Springer Link. » more details

Newspaper/Magazine article 5 Elements

Bitetti, L. (2021) STRUMENTI DI MANAGEMENT AL SERVIZIO DELLE PMI INNOVARE PRODOTTI E SERVIZI CON IL VALUE PROPOSITION CANVAS. INFO pmi, pp.72-72. » more details Bitetti, L.& Huber, A. (2020) Affrontare l’incertezza, trasformando le sfide in opportunità di innovazione. Iride, 9. » more details Bitetti, L. (2019) Gli imprenditori invecchiano: Esigenza di pianificazione della successione aziendale e le opportunità date dalla maggiore durata della vita professionale dell'imprenditore. Positivo! Appunti per domani, 1, pp.20-20. » more details Alberton, S.& Bitetti, L. (2018) Agenti del cambiamento (digitale): una formazione che prepara i giovani alla società 4.0. Iride, 5, pp.13-16. » more details Bitetti, L.& Huber, A. (2017) L’interprofessionalità legata all'imprenditorialità. Iride, 3, pp.25-27. » more details

Presentation at a conference 7 Elements

Bitetti, L., Gibbert, M.& Bedolla, M.Business Model Adaptations in Times of Crisis: Same Industry, Same Lockdown, Different Paths. , 28th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference, 2021, Virtual. » more details Bitetti, L., Gibbert, M.& Bedolla, M.Recipes of Business Model Adaptation in the Restaurant Industry: the Enabling and Constraining Nature of Cognitive Challenges on Resilience Development, The. , 7th “ENTERYing” Workshop: Entrepreneurship Research Workshop for Young Scholars, 2021, Virtual. » more details Bitetti, L.& Gibbert, M.Cognitive Paths of Business Model Innovation in Small Traditional Firms: How Customers' Jobs to be Done are Processed by Small Businesses' Owners. , 21st International CINet Conference, 2020, Politecnico di Milano. » more details Bitetti, L.& Gibbert, M.Crisis-Driven Business Model Innovation in Microfirms: What About After?. , XXXI ISPIM Innovation Conference: Innovating in Times of Crisis, 10-6-2020, Virtual. » more details Bitetti, L.& Huber, A.How to co-design activities that foster entrepreneurial competences with teachers. , EIASM-ECSB RENT 2020, 2020, Virtual Conference. » more details Bitetti, L.& Gibbert, M.Back to Basics after Three Generations: a Longitudinal Process Study of How Dominant Logic Enables and Constrains Business Model Innovation. , EURAM 2019 Conference, 26-6-2019, Lisbon. » more details Bitetti, L.Teaching Business Models through Flipped Classroom. , 2nd Business Model Conference, 7-6-2018, Firenze. » more details

Report 1 Element

Alberton, S.& Bitetti, L. (2016) Trasmissione d'impresa. SUPSI-inno3. » more details

Scientific journal article 3 Elements

Bitetti, L.& Gibbert, M. (2021) ROAD to Continuous Business Model Innovation: A Longitudinal Study Unveiling Patterns of Cognitive Sensing Dynamic Capabilities, The. Creativity and Innovation Management. » more details Bitetti, L. (2019) Activate business model learning through flipped classroom and backward design. Journal of Business Models, vol. 7 (2) pp.47-57. » more details Colasanti, N., Frondizzi, R., Huber, A.& Bitetti, L. (2017) Le università diventano incubatori. Tre casi di innovazione sociale. Sviluppo e Organizzazione. » more details

In charge of the following projects

Percorsi di Sviluppo nel ramo Elettrico - Valutazione stato attuale e identificazione di scenari di sviluppo futuro Strategici e organizzativi » more details DiGital tRansformation and sustainable businEss modEl iNnovation KIckstarter for logisTics » more details Processo di riflessione strategica presso il CCAT » more details Sviluppo di una rete di agricoltura sociale inclusiva, formatrice e competitiva » more details TransFormAzione e Imprenditorialità Aperta » more details

Member of the following projects

Information Driven Profiling for Suspected Target in the Digital Society » more details CHIP - China Hardware Innovation Platform » more details Rilancio delle macellerie del Ticino e della Mesolcina » more details STRATERS » more details Progetto di Pianificazione Strategica alla Rapelli SA » more details Gestione dell?innovazione alla RUAG Aviation: dalla strategia all?implementazione in un'ottica di Op » more details