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Name and Surname Stefano Losa

Position Department of Education and Learning, Professore


Office Palazzo E - 408
Via Cantonale, 6928 Manno

Stabile B
Piazza San Francesco 19, 6600 Locarno

Internal telephone number +41586666866


Scientific journal article 1 Element

Losa, S., Botturi, L., Hermida, M.& Boéchat-Heer, S. (2021) Two decades of digital technologies in education. A look through 20 years of the Swiss Journal of Educational Science. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, vol. 43 (1) pp.98-115. » more details

In charge of the following projects

Congresso annuale della Società svizzera di ricerca in educazione (SSRE) 2024 » more details Recommandations « Éducation et Migration » au sein des Hautes Écoles - PgB-P7 égalité des chances et de l'inclusion au sein des Hautes Écoles » more details Preparazione Progetto RADIX "Salute nelle scuole", parte Svizzera italiana » more details CEFR Mediation strategies: towards a socio-emotionalLy enhanced plurilingual language education » more details