New campuses
In the spring of 2021, SUPSI inaugurated two new campuses: the SUPSI Campus in Mendrisio-Stazione and the East Campus in Lugano-Viganello, home to the Department of Environment, Construction and Design and the Department of Innovative Technologies, respectively.

The campuses are the result of years of hard work, during which qualified experts have succeeded in the challenge of creating buildings that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable in the broadest sense of the term.
Located close to main public transport routes, the two new buildings follow a model of urban design adopted by many academic institutions throughout Switzerland, aimed at encouraging a reduction in travel time and at the same time reducing private traffic.

SUPSI Campus in Mendrisio-Stazione - Department for Environment Constructions and Design

East Campus in Lugano-Viganello - Department of Innovative Technologies