The spread of the Coronavirus: information for the SUPSI community
19 May 2020
Following the spread of Coronavirus infections, SUPSI - for the protection of its students and staff – is carefully monitoring the development of the situation and the recommendations issued by the competent cantonal and federal offices.

Protection Plan

With the aim of ensuring the protection of the health of the entire SUPSI academic community and external visitors who will be called to attend our offices in the coming months, the SUPSI Directorship has formalised a Protection Plan, that will be constantly updated in relation to the evolution of the impacts of the pandemic and the decisions of the federal and cantonal authorities.

Specific Activity Sheets, which will be drawn up by the managers, appointed by the Directorship, for their respective Departments and Management Services, will regulate the application of the Plan for the diversified activities that we are called to carry out within our institutional mandates.

You can also find a self-declaration form (in italian), if required or necessary for external activities.

Hygiene regulations and social distancing

As a precautionary measure, we invite everyone to observe the main hygiene regulations (wash your hands frequently, do not touch your mouth, nose and eyes with your hands, etc.) and to respect social distancing, which are explained in detail in the Flyer of the Cantonal Medical Office (italian) and in the information campaign "Protect yourself and others" (english) by the Swiss Confederation.

It is important to remember that anyone who develops flu-like symptoms must stay at home, limit contact with other people and, if in doubt, contact by phone:

  • the Ticino infoline on 0800 144 144 active every day from 07.00 to 22.00;
  • the national infoline on +41 (0)58 463 00 00 active every day from 07.00 to 20.00;
  • your family doctor.

If self-isolation or self-quarantine measures need to be taken, please follow the recommendations issued by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH):

Didactic activity - Information for students

As far as didactic activity is concerned, the degree course lessons resumed on Monday 23 March in online mode, after a two-week suspension period necessary to organize distance learning activities. All with the aim of being able to complete the academic year with the expected quality. Access to SUPSI premises remains prohibited for students at least until 8th June.

On the other hand, continuing education activities will proceed as defined within the respective departments.

If you have any questions regarding the carrying out of didactic activities, please contact the secretariat or the person responsible for your degree course through the usual channels.

Information for employees

Until at least August 30 2020, SUPSI recommends, when possible, teleworking for all employees. Where necessary the presence on site, flexible working hours and shifts are organised in order to limit the number of people present at the same time.
Teachers can access the premises to record streaming lessons that require demonstrations with laboratory equipment.
Activities that require on-site presence must be authorised by the member of the relevant SUPSI Department.

For employees who reside in Italy, and, if necessary, must go to a SUPSI office, please note that, following the Italian government decree which imposed restrictions on the movement of people in Italy, it is recommended that they carry a work permit or a document attesting their work with SUPSI in the event of border or checkpoint detention in Italy.

For all employees who, due to flu-like symptoms, are unable to carry out their work, the current provisions of the Staff Regulations apply (Art. 52) and the CCL SUPSI. However, following the recommendations issued on 6 March 2020 by the Federal Council, in order to avoid overburdening healthcare institutions, the medical certificate is required from the fifth day of illness (derogation until further notice).

Travel information

SUPSI recommends to limit travel to the minimum and aligns itself with the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

Business travel abroad is prohibited, until a date to be defined or at least until the beginning of the new academic year 2020/2021. For indispensable business trips within Switzerland it is recommended to travel alone by car.

Outgoing and incoming Swiss-European Mobility Program (SEMP) is prohibited.

  • Incoming students. Students who are spending a mobility period at SUPSI during the spring semester have the opportunity to take distance learning lessons online.
  • Outgoing students. Students who wish to return to Switzerland and attend online classes at host universities can do so. The scholarship is guaranteed in this case. All host universities have equipped themselves with or are gearing up to offer distance learning online.
  • SUPSI staff and teachers. At the moment, neither staff nor teachers are on mobility during the spring period.

A dedicated infoline for travellers is available at: +41 (0)58 464 44 88.

Conferences and events

All SUPSI public events programmed until 8 June 2020 which require participation in the presence of more than 5 people are cancelled or postponed.

Document concerning the distance learning of degree courses

The SUPSI Directorship has approved an important document concerning the distance learning of degree courses throughout the School. The Executive Decision is available at the following link:

More information

For more information, please refer to the communications issued by the Cantonal Medical Office and the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).
The SUPSI Executive Secretariat is available to answer any questions from students and staff on +41 (0)58 666 60 14 or at