Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The SUPSI Directorship is in constant contact with the federal and cantonal authorities, as well as with swissuniversities and the national and international academic community, in order to closely follow developments and the recommendations issued. Internally, a task force has been set up and has implemented the following measures:

  • The creation of a web page dedicated to the SUPSI community and updates issued by the federal and cantonal authorities.
  • Provision of disinfectants and closed wastebaskets in all locations.
  • Posting of information posters on hygiene rules in all locations.
  • Use of digital lessons, made possible thanks to a special working group.
  • Call for teleworking for all employees.
  • Cancellation of all public and private events with public attendance.

Despite teleworking and distance learning, the common effort of everyone in their daily lives must be geared towards following hygiene rules and regulations: a fundamental contribution to reducing the risk of contagion!
The main indications are as follows:

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • Do not touch your mouth, nose or eyes with your hands.
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or the crease of your elbow (after using a tissue, throw it into a closed wastebasket).
  • Avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Respect social distancing and avoid the gatherings of people.
  • Forego greeting handshakes, kisses and hugs.
  • Ventilate the premises often.
  • In case of flu-like symptoms, stay at home.
  • Follow the authority's recommendations for self-isolation and self-quarantine.

No, student access to the premises is prohibited until the end of the spring semester, June 30th, 2020.

  • For students: In case of inability to attend distance learning classes due to illness, students are kindly requested to contact the department secretariat, which is also a reference point for all questions related to teaching activities.
  • For employees: For employees who, due to flu symptoms, are unable to carry out their work, the current provisions of the Personnel Regulations apply (Art. 52) and in the SUPSI collective labour agreement. However, following the recommendations issued on 6 March 2020 by the Federal Council, in order to avoid overburdening healthcare institutions, the medical certificate is required from the fifth day of illness (waiver until further notice).

All study and educational trips abroad are cancelled until 30 April 2020.
In line with the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), SUPSI calls on its employees to limit travel as much as possible and to refrain from travelling abroad except for urgent matters. In almost all regions of the world, in fact, there is a risk of new coronavirus infection. Many countries have closed their borders or taken other measures. Flights are cancelled. International travel is practically no longer possible.
More information for travellers can be found on the following page.

Until the end of June, no more OUT mobility departures are activated, in particular related to potential quarantine and/or isolation on arrival in the host countries.
Students who wish to return to Switzerland and attend online classes at host universities can do so. The scholarship in this case is guaranteed.

In accordance with federal regulations, all public and private events with a public attendance are cancelled until further notice.