The majority of our students come from the local territory, and, on completion if their programmes, they possess professional skill sets, are highly qualified and immediately operational, able to move around regional, national and international contexts with great flexibility. Our research projects provide solutions that are innovative and rapidly applicable, can make local institutions, organisations and businesses more competitive, and improve individual quality of life.

The SUPSI mission is based on the needs of its stakeholders and on the ways in which these needs can be best met. This emphasises the double role played by the University with regard to its various partners in the territory: on the one hand, training professional workers, and on the other hand boosting competitive capacity by transferring the knowledge generated. The mission also marks the osmotic process between academic education and applied research, necessary in order to meet these dual needs. Last, but not least, it focuses on the SUPSI response to complex problems associated with human needs and that require simple solutions deriving from a variety of areas of knowledge and experience, which in this way work together toward transforming and improving quality of life.