We aim to be a vocational, multidisciplinary, innovative and Latin-culture university, prominent in Switzerland, a network-creation leader, both in Switzerland and internationally, in the academic, business and political-institutional contexts.

The SUPSI vision focuses particularly on relationships with partners in the territory, and on exploiting the full potential of its valued position in the national and international academic community. This aspect is essential for emphasising its nature as a vocational university, prominent for its ability to create collaboration networks and ensure vocational education, applied research and services, in different ways, structured to meet the specific requirements of each subject area and professional context. The role of SUPSI as an agent of change for its various target groups is strengthened by leveraging on the aspect which, through time and experience, has transpired to be one of the University’s strong points: its ability to create networks, system and to trigger research synergies between different subject areas, partners and projects.