Professor in Applied Statistics and Data Science
Scadenza: 31 August 2021
The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) active in the fields of natural and built environment, economics, technological innovation, applied art, social work and healthcare, learning and education at the Department of Innovative Technologies (DTI) located in the new USI-SUPSI Campus in Lugano-Viganello, in particular the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA), has opened one position for a Professor in Applied Statistics and Data Science. The position is offered with a permanent contract at a level of employment ranging between 80%-100%.

Professional context

The work of IDSIA comprises a large component of applied research in collaboration with the private and the public sectors. This research heavily relies on the analysis and modeling of data originated within those sectors. To this end, IDSIA relies on strong competences in the area of Applied Statistics and the related field of Data Science. The mentioned position supports the scientific development priority oriented to the use of innovative approaches for these categories of problems, as well as the synergistic development of research and training activities of growing relevance.

Duties and responsibilities


  • She/he is an excellent researcher uniquely able to maintain a high academic profile while being able to take on the responsibility of important, cutting-edge, applied research projects in collaboration with innovative Companies. The person must be able to understand the Company's needs and model the problems they need to solve; to always be strongly focused on the state-of-the-art in the Scientific literature and to develop new approaches to the problems when needed. On the more academic side, the person must be a consistent contributor to the Scientific literature with important publications in the areas of Applied Statistics, Data Science, and Machine Learning. While IDSIA is interested in all methodological competence in these areas, it is particularly keen on strengthening its competence on time series analysis and the robustness of statistical methods.
  • With respect to applied projects, she/he is an able manager and/or coordinator of projects, taking care of their funding, their financial/bureaucratic management, and their coordination at departmental and interdepartmental scale.


  • She/he is active in teaching, where she/he provides a significant contribution in basic training (especially at Master level) with a strong role in monitoring the process that regulates the training offer.
  • She/he is active in the national and international scientific and academic community.
  • She/he is active in the management of teaching activities.
  • She/he contributes to the scientific and didactic training of her/his research group in her/his area of expertise.

Management skills

  • She/he is able to promote the scientific growth of her/his collaborators in the scientific areas of competence, taking care of the development of their skills and the quality of their work in the context of teaching and research activities.
  • She/he promotes the collaboration among lecturers, researchers and scientific assistants in the context of her/his domain of competence.
  • She/he coordinates financial and administrative details of her/his scientific projects.


  • In the research area of the call, she/he takes care of and promotes collaborations at national and international level.
  • In the research area of the call, her/his activity is acknowledged through prizes and participation in international conference program committees.



  • Ph.D. in Engineering or related quantitative areas.
  • 10 years of experience as a researcher and lecturer in the technical-scientific area.
  • As a lecturer, she/he is required to have held university courses, with positive evaluation, with direct responsibility of the program, teaching material, and evaluation of the students.
  • As an applied researcher in the area of the call, she/he should have a long track record of important scientific projects (EU, IS, FNS, ERC, direct mandates, etc.) that have been funded and managed under her/his direction, with outcomes such as international patents, prototypes and/or innovative artefacts including innovative solutions subject to evaluation by a third party - to be attached to the application.
  • As an academic researcher in the area of the call, she/he should have relevant scientific results in terms of publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and international conferences.
  • Proven ability to be leader in the scientific area of the call both in terms of research, through the responsibility of a research team also from a management point of view, and in terms of training as a distinguished professor in her/his area.
  • Proven ability to create bridges and synergies between her/his research and teaching activities.
  • Proven recognition at national and international level as a reference person for her/his scientific area.
  • Linguistic portfolio: excellent knowledge of Italian (or willingness to learn it) and English.


  • Experience as thesis supervisor (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) or university student tutor.
  • Production of teaching material such as lecture notes (in various forms), books, publications.
  • Responsibility roles in teaching as responsible of degrees, modules, training courses, etc.
  • Responsibility roles in research such as head of institution, center of expertise, laboratory, area, service, etc.
  • UAS teaching qualification, already obtained or in progress (qualification in the year following the appointment).

We offer

  • A prestigious position in an internationally recognized University of Applied Sciences.
  • Stimulating teaching and applied research activities, with a high degree of autonomy and responsibility, in a highly innovative and dynamic university environment.
  • A team of motivated colleagues with a great deal of experience and competence.
  • Possibility to grow within the institution by covering roles of increasing responsibility.


The requirements for this function are published within the “Direttive interne SUPSI” and within “Regolamento del personale SUPSI” on the Italian website.

We will only consider applications submitted latest by 31.08.2021 by using the specific application form accompanied by:

  • Motivation letter in Italian or English.
  • Complete CV in Italian or English.
  • List of scientific publications and exemplary works and links or copies of the aforementioned works.
  • List of acquired research projects, including their financial dimension.
  • Educational diplomas and work certificates.
  • Awards and mentions.
  • Two reference letters that prove the professional, scientific and teaching quality.
  • Presentation of the didactic activities carried out at university level with relative evaluations.
  • A criminal record with a 6-month validity must be provided. Taking into account the time necessary for the issuing of this document by the competent office, it will be sufficient to enclose with the application a copy of the request accompanied by a self-declaration and send the original document (to as soon as possible, or, at the latest, during the first selection interview. For Swiss citizens and Swiss residents, the court records can be requested at the Federal Office of Justice in Bern,

Additional information

Additional information can be requested to the Director of DTI:
Prof. Dr. Emanuele Carpanzano

Incomplete applications or applications sent to other addresses or later than the established deadline will not be accepted.