Consultative Commissions

The Consultative Commissions - set up in each Department and affiliated School - carry out tasks of a strategic nature for the benefit of the entire Department or specific sectors. They are responsible for bringing new ideas to the promotion of innovation in the fields of education, research, service management and administration, as well as maintaining constant contact with the business world and other education and research institutes.
They consist of at least four members appointed by the SUPSI Board for a term of four years, normally renewable once, for a total term of office of eight years. The meetings normally take place twice a year.
Every two years the Consultative Commissions are also required to draw up a report on the work carried out, to be submitted to the SUPSI Board.

Department for Environment Constructions and Design

Pietro Veglio – President
Marco Di Prisco
Andrea Frangi
Silvia Jost
Katia Balemi
Seraina Rohrer
Cristina Giotto
Orlando Petrini
Claudio Ferro

Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care

Meinrado Robbiani – President
Luca Albertoni
Elena Bernasconi Rovati
Paolo Bianchi
Annette Biegger
Maria Chiara Ferrazzo Arcidiacono
Sandro Foiada
Marco Galli
Carlo Marazza
Marialuisa Parodi
Stefano Rizzi
Paolo Sanvido
Maria Luisa Siccardi Tonolli

Department of Education and Learning

Lorenzo Cantoni
Franca Caspani Menghini
Ulda De Cristophoris
Valeria Doratiotto Prinsi
Oscar Gonzalez
Daniele Parenti
Hans Rudolf Schärer
Ivo Schorn
Andrea Schweizer
Pietro Snider
Maxime Zuber

Department of Innovative Technologies

Stefano Modenini – President
Sara Bühler
Susanne Cedraschi
Maurizio Crivellari
Emanuele Dati
Maria Grazia Giuffreda
Florence Labati
Tomislav Matievic
Gabriella Modiano
Alberto Siccardi

Accademia Teatro Dimitri

Marco Lorenzi – President
Liliana Heimberg
George Pfründer
Thomas Wilson
Sarah Simili

University of Music of Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana

Pierre Wavre – President
Florian Reichert
Claudio Boër
Christine Fischer
Jukka Savijoki

Fernfachhochschule Schweiz

Thomas Myrach – President
Kurt Grünwald
Hans Hinterberger
Thomas Mattig
Rolf Pfeiffer