Department for Environment Constructions and Design
The objective of the Department of Environment, Construction and Design is to unite the technical and design dimensions of SUPSI in the fields of education, research and service provision.

A key feature of all educational activities consists of the added value deriving from operating in a context where the professional/vocational aspect is associated with that of scientific and academic rigour.

The Department operates in the fields of first- and second-level university education, and continuing education. Bachelor degree courses are offered in the following areas: Architecture, Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Conservation and Visual Communication. Master degree courses are also offered, in collaboration with other universities: Master in Conservation and Restoration, and Master in Interior-Architectural Design. The continuing education programme consists of more than sixty courses in the fields of interaction design, design, constructions, energy, the environment and the territory.

The applied research projects executed by the Department enhance the transversal nature of the various areas of expertise, ensuring that partners in the local area are provided with support and innovation services. Active presence in a large number of national and international research cooperation networks, and constantly developing synergies with Swiss and foreign universities allow the Department to act as a reference scientific pole in its areas of competence.
The support provided by its subject area units, consisting of professors, teacher-researchers and doctorate students, ensures that the Department contributes to the management and sustainable development of its reference geographical area – the Alpine Cantons of the Swiss Confederation, and Northern Italy – while also providing the Cantonal Administration Authorities with scientific support services.

The transfer of new learning and knowledge to the local area constitutes a factor of growth and innovation for the community as a whole, a development process to which the Department of Environment, Construction and Design makes an effective contribution.


Departement Director
Silvio Seno


Institute for Materials and Constructions
Director: Christian Paglia

Institute of Earth Sciences
Director: Silvio Seno

Institute for Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment
Director: Roman Rudel

Laboratory of Applied Microbiology
Head: Mauro Tonolla

Laboratory of Visual Culture
Head: Jean-Pierre Candeloro