Department of Education and Learning
The activities conducted by the Department of Education and Learning focus on the initial and continuing education of pre-primary, primary, lower secondary and upper secondary school teachers, on research and on the provision of services to the local area.

The Department of Education and Learning intends to assume its responsibilities with the Ticino scholastic system and in the field of teacher training, offering high-quality assistance and ensuring that its programmes undergo a process of continuous improvement.

Aware of its responsibilities, of the importance and of the extent of its mission, it undertakes to:

  • operate in full respect of all the actors in the scholastic system: from the pupils to the teachers, from the students to the educators, from the teachers to the school directors and to the educational authorities;
  • adopt a collaborative approach, based on the involvement, collective action and participation of all the interlocutors;
  • communicate its plans and priorities, its values and principles, clearly and transparently, both internally and externally;
  • promote a public debate on the role of the school in society;
  • contribute to enhancing the significance and the perception of the teaching profession.


Department Director
Alberto Piatti

Head of Bachelor: Francesca Antonini
Head of Master: Magda Ramadan
Head of Diploma: Sonia Castro
Head of Continuing education: Claudio Della Santa

Head: Lorena Rocca