Department of Innovative Technologies
The Department of Innovative Technologies focuses on applied engineering sciences in the industrial sector, technological and IT services for both educational and research purposes.

The Bachelor courses conducted are: Electrical Engineering, Engineering and Management, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. The Master Courses consist of in-depth studies that complete the training of the engineer, involving both specialist aspects and general expertise.

The degree programmes offer a large number of specialisation areas (differentiated by course), covering the most important specialist areas of competence of the Department.

Linking between practice and teaching is ensured by teachers/researchers who directly implement technical-scientific innovation in engineering.

The Department conducts a significant amount of applied research and technology transfer to companies, therefore helping both the local and national economies to become more competitive.

The quantity, and particularly the excellent quality, represent a reference point for the economic fabric of the region.

Moreover, the international projects conducted enable our students, and the companies that cooperate with us, to aim toward broader horizons, reaching countries such as China, Mexico and other European States.


Department Director
Milena Properzi

Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Director: Andrea Emilio Rizzoli

Institute of Digital Technologies for Personalized Healthcare
Director (ad interim): Igor Stefanini

Institute of Information Systems and Networking
Director: Tiziano Leidi

Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Technology
Director: Adriano Nasciuti

Institute of Systems and Applied Electronics
Director: Andrea Salvadè

Institute of Systems and Technologies for Sustainable Production
Director: Marco Colla

Head of Bachelor’s and Master’s courses
Andrea Graf

Head of Continuing education
Antonio Bassi

Head of Research
Federico Bosi